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a shout out to pinkgirl!

Welcome to the blogosphere honey!

PinkGirl asked me to help her make a blog this weekend and after explaining the boundaries (no real names, mom helps with any photos and most importantly – mom approves the post before she clicks “Publish”), she is up and running at:

I told her that it was HER blog and that I would not be taking dictation. And she is required to use the home keys. I’m so mean.

Family and Friends please comment on her blog posts. Please. please? (Gram, that means you too!)

September 30, 2008 Posted by | blogosphere, family | 2 Comments

frozen chicken, cream cheese chicken II

Back in April, I posted one of our family’s favorite recipes, “Cream Cheese Chicken..” (The original post has a printable version of the recipe in PDF.)

Yesterday, we made a little change and it turned out pretty good, so I thought I’d share.

First, I doubled the recipe except for the chicken and the cream cheese (I have a large crockpot). But this time, we rolled everything up in flour tortillas and made burritos! Next time I either need to use less salsa or maybe just take the lid off and let the mixture stand a little to thicken up, the burritos were a little too runny. But they were GOOD.

It does take an extra few minutes to roll burritos after everything is cooked, but it’s still only 5 minutes to prepare on the front end!

September 30, 2008 Posted by | 5 minutes, recipes | , , | 4 Comments



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