Good Thing the Hospital is Nice

We thought Julie would be home after one night. The doctor actually wanted two and that was before she had a fever of 102 last night maybe tomorrow…

Turns out passing on the jokes is on hold. She doesn’t want to laugh until she’s had a little more time to heal. I’ll pass them on when laughing isn’t a dangerous proposition.

Thank for all the good wishes and the continued prayers.

PS. She really is doing a great job of walking often. She’s picking up speed quickly. Pretty soon she’d be fast enough to pass the Tim Conway “old guy” character.

8 thoughts on “Good Thing the Hospital is Nice

  1. Don’t know how much she’s able to successfully cough, but that’s a prime cause of post-op fever. And it’s really hard to cough after abdominal surgery b/c you feel like the stitches are ripping out. Take this from home or do it at the hospital: Get a bed sheet and leave it folded up nice and flat, about 9×12 size. Slide it into a pillowcase and fold the extra half of the pillowcase over – you can tape it with some paper tape if you want. Makes a great splint pillow to hold against her stitches when she coughs. She’s got to get the anesthesia gunk out of her lungs. One of the best surgeons I ever worked with years ago had his patients walk for 10 minutes every hour from 7 am – 10 pm and to cough every hour. His patients did the best of anyone on the floor and rarely ran fevers unless there was a preexisting infection.

    Give Julie a hug!

  2. (Explanation) They may have given her a regular pillow to hold against her stomach, but those are too big and bulky and fluffy to do much good – the splint I suggest is a lot more effective (and takes up less room in the bed!)

  3. My goodness, the Tim Conway “Old Guy” character. What a reference. I used to love that show. Anyhoo – glad Julie is up and about.

    Here is my best joke:

    What is brown and sticky?……wait for it…….A stick!

  4. My dh had surgery a few months ago, and his most frequent comment, post surgery, was “Ouch….don’t make me laugh”.

    More hugs and prayers that she will be home soon – nothing like your own bed to recover in.

  5. Wow! I was away all weekend, without computer access–Ack! Wondering about Julie? Woo hoo! Get back to read this good news. Sending her a mental hug that doesn’t squish her stitches. Will send jokes later. And always, prayer, lots of prayer for my friend!

    Thanks for the great updates, FirstHusband. You’re making the women proud.

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