blessings require change. part 2.

In my post, “blessings require change.” on September 30th, I shared how God gave me an opportunity to give my minivan to a family who needed it.

This is a follow-up, so the details aren’t complete here. If you have a few minutes to get caught up, click on over to the original post and read the background info.

It’s been suggested to me by a few people that I should/could just repair the van for $500 and keep it for myself, pocketing the insurance money. No way. Can’t do it. I specifically asked for this. And every. single. person who supported my request – especially the insurance rep and adjuster – did so based on my intent. My intent was grounded in that prayer I prayed on Friday, BEFORE the accident. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to pray that prayer:

(In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.) Romans 8:26

So. That prayer that made absolutely no sense at the time? Makes perfect sense now. I’m not trading this overwhelming blessing for a mere minivan. I’d rather have the blessing.

There are/were a few people who turned down the opportunity to participate in this process. There are/were a few naysayers. “Wouldn’t be prudent” kind of thoughts prevailing. To them, I say, “It’s okay. God doesn’t need your help. He’d LOVE your help. But he doesn’t need it. He can do anything.” (I’ve been praying and God is leading me to other people who can help. You get to stay in your prudent comfort zone, they get your blessing.)

There are people who think I made an irrational, emotional decision. Bwahahahaha!!!! Anyone who knows me even a little bit gets why the word “pragmatic” fits me so well. Still laughing.

I understand that I don’t have a vehicle. I get that. But I will. It’s okay. I don’t have “giver’s remorse.” I’m praying for wisdom, asking my mechanic for advice, asking people what they drive and how they like it, asking God to help me find a good value. I’ll get a vehicle. I just don’t have one today. Doesn’t make me irrational.

Just means I need to buy a car.

FirstHusband has respectfully requested that I NOT pray for anyone who needs a kidney.

3 thoughts on “blessings require change. part 2.

  1. WOW. I saw your comments on “we are that family” and followed it to your own blog and just read the about the Van Blessings. I am so impressed with you and that you STUCK TO YOUR GUNS!!!
    I just recently went through something similar, but after a year of not finding a solution then we decided to retire the our van and it started not running right, so I didn’t feel right about giving it to someone else.
    HOWEVER the point of my comment is this. I work in a bldg that has an “Auto Broker” in it and they go to the auctions and get the cars that are returned after a lease is up. I went from a 7 seater Toyota van with 266,652 miles on it to a 4 year old 8 seater Honda Pilot with 25,000 miles on it and I LOVE IT!!! I would never go back to a van again.
    Just a suggestion.
    I am so impressed by your love of God and generosity to these people at your church. Oh how I wish that I could have done the same, but the family in my church couldn’t have afforded the gas and insurance. Oh how it broke my heart.
    God is blessing you. And you are noticing. Good for you!!!

  2. I for one think you did a wonderful thing. I don’t know much but I know enough to feel certain the perfect vehicle will present itself to you.

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