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get your banana slicer HERE!

Ever since I posted about and shared photos of my banana slicer, I’ve gotten comments and emails asking where they can be purchased. Long story short? Discontinued. BUT, they are available on ebay from time to time. Like TODAY. And the seller sent me an email telling me she actually has FOUR MORE available.

Click HERE to see the ebay listing and contact info for the seller!!

I personally snapped the wires on mine trying to slice a very firm strawberry and just recently got another one myself. I purchased my replacement at a kitchen outlet in Valdosta, Georgia. Ya KNOW I bought TWO.

After I broke mine, I shopped around the internet looking for another and when I couldn’t find one, I sent an email to Farberware asking them if it was discontinued. The first reply was a generic email containing a list of Farberware retailers.

Not helpful.

I tried again. The second reply contained a link to an entirely different product, which works okay on very firm bananas, but it really doesn’t go all the way through very well.

I emailed again. (I am a pest.)

The answer? Discontinued.

So . . . I saved a search on ebay, got an email from ebay when one was listed, emailed the seller to inquire, went to Georgia over the holidays, stopped at the kitchen outlet store (coincidentally – where I found my FIRST one), and purchased TWO, so that when I’m foolish enough to try and slice something other than bananas with it, I’ll have a backup. Check ebay!!!! They still appear from time to time. Since I no longer need one, I promise I’ll never bid against you!

UPDATE: I’ve gotten SO many inquiries on banana slicers, I did a little digging and found these alternatives:


wire slicer

banana slicer

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  1. […] UPDATE 1/22/09: These have been discontinued, but I’ve had some luck finding them. Check out my follow-up post “Get Your Banana Slicer HERE“ […]


    Pingback by banana slicer for kids. and grown-ups. « Pragmatic Compendium | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’ve gone through a few dozen egg slicers because we have used it for items that weren’t eggs and totally bent the wires. I now have a heavy duty (read expensive) egg slicer that I’ve had for almost a year. a record! I’m glad that you have found a replacement and thanks for sharing the info on the eBay seller:)


    Comment by Kristin | January 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. where can i get the banana slicer to buy?


    Comment by Vee | September 21, 2010 | Reply

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