fitness goals: March 2011

I’ve decided on my fitness goals for March:

1. Yoga/Strength Training: 3 hours per week.
2. Walking: 15% increase from February’s goal, average 2.3 miles per day, 71.3 miles total for the month.
3. BOSU pushups: average 10 per day, total 310.
4. 2 Minute Plank: 31 times – if I miss a day, I make it up.
5. 1 Minute Superman: 31 times – miss it, make it up.

Now that I’ve put this out here, there’s no turning back. I’ll be updating my Exercise Log and there’s a widget in the sidebar that shows my current summary.

Today, I walked 3 miles with my husband in approximately 48 minutes, did 10 BOSU PushUps in less than a minute and spent 2 minutes in a forearm plank. I’ve got to go do a 1 minute superman now.

Microactions have a cumulative effect – try some of your own and let me know how you’re doing!

2 thoughts on “fitness goals: March 2011

  1. It’s great that you posted your fitness goals for the month. I find that I don’t have trouble finding the motivation to work out, but I do have a major problem with controlling how much I eat. I definitely should try writing out my goals for the month.

    1. sagemag – I know what you’re saying – I used to have the same problem. One (of many) of the best techniques I employed to help me with this came from Dr. Phil’s book on weight loss. It’s the concept of “incompatible behaviors.” Finding and engaging in activities that aren’t conducive to eating at the same time. Singing is a big one for me, as is writing. I’m sure I’ll be posting on it in the near future. Thanks for the visit and comment! I just took a few minutes on your blog and even though I dress pretty conservatively, I think I could learn a lot from you – I’ll be lurking around. (by JSM)

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