#edify: profanity

The first curse word each of my children heard came out of my mother's mouth. Let's just say it wasn't ...
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Richard Dawkins on the Possibility of Intelligent Design

Richard Dawkins acknowledges the possibility of Intelligent Design…

How did I not know this? Anti-theist, Richard Dawkins believes in the possibility of intelligent design: "It could come about ...
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Christmas Shoes song

Christmas shoes. seriously.

Buying some Rockports for FavoriteHusband on ebay so I had to sing: "I'm gonna buy these shoes..." (pause) Me: "It's ...
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1 thessalonians 5 11

speak life.

When PinkGirl and I go to Disney, we often pray and look for opportunities to "speak life" to the people ...
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Not by might not by power by my spirit Zechariah 4 6

“Not by Might. Not by Power. But by My Spirit” says the Lord

In my previous blog post, practice God’s presence. forget. remember. repent. (repeat, ad infinitum), I talked about practicing the presence ...
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Joshua 1 9 prayer

whatever may pass and whatever lies before me.

Sunday evening. Easter Sunday. I was sitting at the kitchen table, focused on my laptop. PinkGirl came over and turned ...
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teach children diligently Deuteronomy 6 6-7


The other day, someone asked me if my kids grew up "churched." The pause before my reply was noticeably long ...
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Doubt and Faith Toxic Concoction Mark Buchanan Your God is Too Safe

toxic concoction.

After arguing with God for months, I had finally taken the terrifying step of obedience by sharing something I believe ...
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Ugly Chairs

facebook fragments: 03/01/14 – 03/07/14 (chairs, crowns and sarcasm)

Monday, March 3, 2014 1:03am. photos later, but it's FINALLY down. Not done, but down. Tomorrow we rent the 100 ...
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