For over a decade, I’ve been searching for the best organizing methods to incorporate into my life. I’ve read books, articles, newsletters, blogs, and websites. I’ve asked friends, family and even strangers to share their best practices. I’ve tested hundreds of ideas, adopted a multitude of them, discarded the ones that failed and ignored the ones I hated.

I’ve begun documenting my favorite organizing practices here at Pragmatic Compendium, so check out the list below to see if there’s an idea you might want to try out! I’ve often said that, given how much I read, I probably have never had an original thought. So, if I come up with anything halfway decent, I probably read it somewhere. If I can remember, I’ll post the reference and, if at all possible, a link to it for you!


The Foundations of My Organizing Philosophy:
18 (a summary of me – written by my husband)
we’d like to get a sample of your brain tissue. okay. (a computer generated summary of what’s wrong with me)
giving up good for best (I can have it all, just not all at the same time.)
giving up good for best. take two. (still learning the same lesson)
The Underwear Principle (finding what works for YOUR family – a personalized approach to family organization)
underwear. step by step. (a “stripped down” version to use as more than an organizational tool)
5 minute sink (two of my biggest strategies for getting things DONE.)
what’s your frog? (ordering my to do list)
cornerstone (the home “departments” I manage)

Glimpses into a Freak’s House: (with photos!)
veggie box (a peek inside a freak’s fridge)
5 Minute Onions in a Flash (freeze) (food prep – in bulk and in advance)
from pink to pinkalicious (reorganizing PinkGirl’s room)
the good, the bad and the ugly (kitchen cabinet redo)
lunchbox flatware (no more missing place settings)
freakish coffee station (one stop coffee “shop”)
freakish junk drawer (still working, after all these years)
knife kapoosh (best knife block evah!)

A three part series:
Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 1
Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 2
Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 3
don’t file paper. revisited and modified. (a tweak to the system)

Posts about Websites that Make My Life Easier:
Lotsa Helping Hands (an invaluable resource that helps organize volunteers helping a sick friend or family member)
blurb (a scrapbooking alternative for the digitally minded)