This is my lazy attempt to share recipes with those who ask for them and to be able to look up recipes quickly, without getting my cookbook out. Besides, the laptop is always on, why not use it?

Note: All recipes have a print friendly version in PDF

suicide coffee (no. it doesn’t kill you.)

Bake Ahead Egg Muffins
favorite banana bread
breakfast jelly topping (a PinkGirl invention)

hey son, what happened to the sausage balls (you know this one – Bisquick, sausage, cheese and . . . gone.)

5 minute Panera Wannabe Salad
mom’s pasta salad

Mom’s Pumpkin Soup
PinkGirl’s Six Year Old Soup

Main Dishes:
spaghetti florentine (FAST, easy and healthy)
frozen chicken? cream cheese chicken. (5 minute prep/Crockpot/EASY)
frozen chicken? cream cheese chicken II (a burrito variation)
fruit stuffed pork roast (one of my favorites!)
last minute wet burritos (a family favorite!)
5 minute MorningStar Burritos

Fruit Desserts:
banana. sweet! (yummy 7th grade “geography” food)

Chocolate Desserts:
No Pudge Brownies
Chili’s Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Food Related Posts

Food Prep
veggie box (our key to 5 minute meal preps)
Cake Baking/Decorating Tips from Alton Brown (LOVE the hacksaw idea!)
Shredding Meat 101
“Mary Poppins” boiled eggs (practically perfect in every way)
5 minute onions in a flash (freeze) (reader favorite! – over 1,000 views)
5 minute veggie chop (my favorite kitchen gadget in action!)
5 minute diced mango (quick and easy)
freakish coffee station (freakishly organized, that is.)

Lunchbox Ideas:
teenager school lunch

Eating Right
sometimes I buy what I hate. (avoiding tempting junk food)

No Pudge Brownies (FUDGY, chewy and fat free! REALLY!)
Kitchen Bouquet (cause of the disappearing carrot phenomenon)

Food Fun
milk chaser (MythBusters spicy food cure)
my kind of watermelon! (where do I get one?)
small is tall (my FAVORITE all time you tube video!)