Pragmatic Communion The Difference Between a Good Christian Life and Abundant Life in Christ

This blog series is meant to serve two purposes:

1. An ongoing summary of a weekly Bible study I lead on discipleship, both as a reference for the women participating in the study and as an opportunity for anyone who can’t attend the study to follow along.

2. An online 2nd draft of the book I’m writing. The working title is, as you might expect from title of this blog series, “Pragmatic Communion, The Difference Between “a Good Christian Life” and Abundant Life in Christ.”

I sincerely welcome your feedback, whether it’s agreement, disagreement, questions, additional references or an alternate perspective. If something I’ve written reminds you or leads you to an opinion, a link, a pinterest pin, a video…I’d love it if you’d share!

1. The Fallacy of a “Good Christian Life”
2. The Risk of Discipleship Practices.
3. doubt assumptions, ask questions, search for answers.
4. practice God’s presence. forget. remember. repent. (repeat, ad infinitum)
5. “Not by Might. Not by Power. But by My Spirit” says the Lord

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