This is a multi-part blog series about my search for joy in Christ above circumstance and experience. 

If you need some background/context and you have some time to read, you may want to begin with my series on Christ-centered church. (Click HERE to read it.)

I’m not finished with my search for Joy. Still searching. Still writing. Check back if you want to follow along.

Here are the previous posts in order by date:
the transition between my “Christ-centered church” series and this series: comfort zones.

the search for Joy:
1. with white knuckled fists.
2. letting go.
3. reading. thinking. cleaning. painting. purging.
4. holy Veruca Salt batman.
5. color.
6. how you doin?
7. my flesh may fail.
8. four minutes with God. Hebrews-4:15-16.
9. I want me to want you.
10. obedience and blessings. passion and delight.
11. ordering my environment.
12. four minutes with God: 2 Chronicles. 5:13-14.
13. parallel lessons.
14. growing pains.”
15. two steps forward. one step back..
16. the dark night.

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