“Through All of It” cover by Julie Stiles Mills (professionally mixed)
I’ve listened to this mix at least 30 times and I’ve gotta say, I really, really love it. The only thing I can find that I’m not sure about is a faint echo around the 1 minute, 15 second mark. It seems like it either needs to be more prominent or cut altogether because unless the volume is up, it sounds like it might be some kind of accidental “bleedthrough.” Thoughts?

Below are two “rough mixes” by another recording engineer. The skill of the engineer is obvious and impressive, but this particular stylistic approach isn’t a match for my preferred simplistic approach. I prefer MUCH LESS manipulation of my vocals. In addition, the first half of the bridge of “Oh My Soul” is a bit of a train wreck because I struggled with the harmonies during recording and we ran out of time for me to get them right. And I’m wondering if I should have shifted the key up a half-step for “Jesus I Believe.” Thoughts?

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