interpretations welcome.

Last night was a lazy family night. The boys were doing calculus at the kitchen table, PinkGirl was watching Disney's Cinderella on DVD and I was reading in the recliner. I must have dozed off. But it was obviously a REM nap. I was driving PinkGirl to school, but we had to stop somewhere because … Continue reading interpretations welcome.

“inappropriate” music.

PinkGirl: "Mom, Is it okay to like to sing songs from Chicago?" (the musical, not the city) Me: "yes. why?" PinkGirl: "Because it has inappropriate things in it. Some of my teachers (from UnnamedChristianSchool) say it's a sin to watch and listen to things that are inappropriate." Me: "hmmm. Does listening to and singing the … Continue reading “inappropriate” music.

family book banter

PinkGirl: "Mom, did you pre-order that book for me?" Me: "no. is there some incentive for PRE-ordering? PinkGirl: "no, I'm just DYING to find out what happened." Me: "I have no sympathy. You have broken the family fiction series rule." PinkGirl: "What rule? (as if she didn't know) FavoriteDad: "You don't start reading a fiction … Continue reading family book banter

favorite child.

FirstHusband is out of town, so finding a fresh pot of coffee when I came downstairs this morning was a nice surprise. Me: "Someone made coffee?" PinkGirl: "Me." Me: "awww. You're my favorite daughter!" PinkGirl: "I would have preferred 'favorite child.'" FavoriteSon: "What do you want?" PinkGirl: "nothing!" FavroiteSon: "umm. hmm."


Me: "Hey, FavoriteSon. I know that Jesus is the common thread through the entire Bible but is there an actual Bible verse stating that? FavoriteSon:"I dunno." Me: "You're slacking on your 'walking concordance' duties. How much have we paid for your Christian education anyway?" FavoriteSon: "I got it. Ecclesiastes 10:19" Me: "uh huh. I can … Continue reading #smartaleckid

Volcanoooooo (a sixth grade science project)

Here's how PinkGirl's volcano science project turned out yesterday: If you've been around for a while, you might remember FavoriteSon's volcano project. Here's an excerpt from that blog post: We end up at Michael’s craft store with four packages of quick drying clay, a terra cotta pot and . . . a rocket engine. Yes. … Continue reading Volcanoooooo (a sixth grade science project)

I need Mr. Miyagi.

Back to yoga class this morning. I'm paying for taking the summer off. PinkGirl: "WHAT is that SMELL?" FavoriteHusband, working on my shoulder: "your mom calls it 'stinky hot' but it's really called BENGAY." PinkGirl: "it's GROSS!" A few minutes later: FavoriteSon: "Why do I smell Pepto-Bismol?" Me: "It's stinky hot." FavoriteSon: "Smells like Pepto." … Continue reading I need Mr. Miyagi.