giving grace.

Both my daughter and my son are having a full and stress filled week. A VERY full and stress filled week. Sleep is going to come at a premium. It's "tech week" for a show PinkGirl is teching. She's not performing in this show. She's one of the people wearing all black who works behind … Continue reading giving grace.

whatever may pass and whatever lies before me.

Sunday evening. Easter Sunday. I was sitting at the kitchen table, focused on my laptop. PinkGirl came over and turned my chair sideways so she could curl up on my lap and lay her head on my shoulder. "Mom? How can I find joy in God?" wow. 13 years old. Immediately, I prayed. "Lord, is … Continue reading whatever may pass and whatever lies before me.


The other day, someone asked me if my kids grew up "churched." The pause before my reply was noticeably long. I was thinking. What does that mean? I realize my personal background and filters contribute to my way of thinking, but no definition I could come up with made it seem like growing up "churched" … Continue reading “churched”


I've been given some serious what-for. PinkGirl became aware that I said "dammit" in my blog the other day. multiple times. "MOM!" hhhhhhhhhh. I have a 12 year old censor. and she. is. bossy. meanwhile, she thinks it is hilarious to tell me she "shipped her pants." the fact is, I grew up with a … Continue reading color.

Volcanoooooo (a sixth grade science project)

Here's how PinkGirl's volcano science project turned out yesterday: If you've been around for a while, you might remember FavoriteSon's volcano project. Here's an excerpt from that blog post: We end up at Michael’s craft store with four packages of quick drying clay, a terra cotta pot and . . . a rocket engine. Yes. … Continue reading Volcanoooooo (a sixth grade science project)

I. Want. More.

I've described my mother as a "defiant non-compliant diabetic." She ate what she wanted, when she wanted, blood sugar be damned. After decades of neglect, her body began to deteriorate and finally shut down completely. I found a receipt in her wallet dated just days before her death. She had driven through Burger King on … Continue reading I. Want. More.

do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

Last night I was repeating: "God loves my kids more than I do. God loves my kids more than I do. God loves my kids more than I do." FavoriteSon went out. On a Friday night. First time driving in heavy traffic IN THE DARK. "God loves my kids more than I do. God loves … Continue reading do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

identity crisis. part 1.

Eleven year old PinkGirl auditioned for Beauty and the Beast this month. Of course she wanted the part of Belle. At the four hour cast call backs the week after her first audition, she sang and read for Belle. The only other character she was asked to try was Babbette, the feather duster. She couldn't … Continue reading identity crisis. part 1.

Dear PinkGirl: don’t copy me.

There’s a certain person in my daughter’s life, who if she allows it, erodes her joy. I’ll call her TheBully. Without getting into detail, I'll just say that her behavior toward PinkGirl is often passive-aggressive. Every day after school, PinkGirl tells me what TheBully did that day. And every day, PinkGirl and I talk about … Continue reading Dear PinkGirl: don’t copy me.