Happy atheists don’t care if Christians pray. They just don’t.

This morning, I followed a link in my facebook news feed to an article about a family who was praying for a loved one fighting cancer. It wasn't the article that hit me. It was the comments. Comment. After comment. After comment. After comment. Strongly, condescendingly and sarcastically deriding prayer. And people who pray. The … Continue reading Happy atheists don’t care if Christians pray. They just don’t.

never underestimate the influence of little things.

I had a horrible, horrible dream a few weeks ago. horrible. In this dream, my daughter was being stalked. And NOTHING we did could stop the stalker. If you've read my blog before or follow me on facebook, you already know my daughter LOVES people. Genuinely, empathetically, compassionately, passionately loves people. She gets a high … Continue reading never underestimate the influence of little things.

giving grace.

Both my daughter and my son are having a full and stress filled week. A VERY full and stress filled week. Sleep is going to come at a premium. It's "tech week" for a show PinkGirl is teching. She's not performing in this show. She's one of the people wearing all black who works behind … Continue reading giving grace.

sarcasm: religious and political poison.

Reading too much on the internet today and keep thinking one thing: Sarcasm is an ineffective persuasive technique. It's condescending, arrogant, divisive and shuts down dialog. It's too often used by people in a manner to indicate that an issue is simple and anyone who doesn't see the simplicity and logic of their side of … Continue reading sarcasm: religious and political poison.

The lying tempter would persuade.

Maybe it's the chaos in my house. or the chaos of the last year and a half. or the abundance of time I've had to think about the chaos of the last year and a half while I'm attending to the mindless task of shoveling the chaos in my house... maybe I'm just tired. or … Continue reading The lying tempter would persuade.

the living room makeover. the library.

If you missed Part I and Part II of this living room makeover, CLICK HERE and HERE to see those photos. This weekend, we're installing baseboard in the game room, and hopefully we'll reload all the furniture in that room and finish laying the new flooring in the kitchen. But this is what we did … Continue reading the living room makeover. the library.

therefore I quote: “violently face to face”

“C.S. Lewis (on reading another author): "He brought me violently face to face with..." from Yours, Jack by C.S. Lewis YES! I LOVE it when that happens! It's why I read dead guys and footnotes when I don't have to. I love it when a writer makes me think. I love it when my beliefs … Continue reading therefore I quote: “violently face to face”


specifically, providence and coincidence. providence: capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny coincidence: the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection I can't ever remember believing in coincidences. My husband on the other hand, is a big believer in them. … Continue reading idences.

ordering my environment.

I wrote a few weeks ago that when my head is a mess, I am compelled to order my environment. In practical application, this means three things: cleaning. purging. painting. and I guess decorating. If you count framing stuff I've been meaning to frame for...ever. and putting new flooring in downstairs. and getting rid of … Continue reading ordering my environment.