step outside your comfort zone.

Some of you know I serve as a career coach. Just last week I found myself in a Panera Bread working with one of my current students on their resume. This particular location is extremely thin on power outlets, so while working on battery power, we pretty much stalked every person at every table near … Continue reading step outside your comfort zone.

therefore I quote: Steve Chandler

I read, therefore I quote: "People who habitually access their imaginations are often hailed by their colleagues as "geniuses" - as if "genius" was a genetic characteristic. They would be better understood as people who are practiced at accessing their genius." "Einstein used to say, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." When I first heard … Continue reading therefore I quote: Steve Chandler

a little about yourself

"Tell me a little about yourself." It’s a standard interview request. An open invitation to dominate the conversation for at least one minute - give or take 15 seconds. You’ve got a potential employer’s undivided attention. A chance to call attention to the greatness that is YOU. Do yourself a favor. Take the time to … Continue reading a little about yourself