where philanthropy falls short.

where philanthropy falls short.

I was recently part of a discussion about a church supported service project. A number of different ideas were on ...
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Doubt and Faith Toxic Concoction Mark Buchanan Your God is Too Safe

toxic concoction.

After arguing with God for months, I had finally taken the terrifying step of obedience by sharing something I believe ...
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square peg round hole

the positive impact of negative feedback.

Ironically, the thing that triggered the paralyzing self-doubt was the exact same thing that knocked me free from it. feedback ...
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writers block keyboard

the donkey is busy.

For months after I published my "Christ-centered church" series, I was convinced I couldn’t put words together in comprehensible sentences ...
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Ephesians 4 29 Bible


My favorite college professor, Dr. Grasty, taught me a lesson that has stuck with me for decades: When we are ...
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Focus on Christ lens

Vertical Church: a clarification. and a survey.

If you understand and agree with anything in this list, then PLEASE PRAY WITH ME? That the HOLY SPIRIT WILL ...
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life abundant John 10 10

church: THERE. IS. MORE.

I'm going to say hard things. I've spent a week writing this particular post and I've prayed about it for ...
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post hoc ergo propter hoc

post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

I've been paralyzed. For a week. Four previous drafts of the post I was trying to write sit abandoned. Because ...
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Talk to You about Cheeses

The “Visitors”

I've learned the hard way that the word "evangelism" does not have a one size fits all definition and that ...
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