are you a strong willed woman?

Leslie, over at Lux Venit has inspired a post I’m working on. She’s reviewing a book for Discerning Reader entitled Redefining the Strong Willed Woman by Cynthia Tobias and she’s posted a poll asking the following questions:

1. Would you call yourself a strong-willed woman?
2. Do you view the possession of a strong-will as a positive or negative characteristic?
3. Do you feel like your strong-will hinders or enhances your walk with Jesus?
4. Do you believe a woman has to give up her strong-will in order to follow Christ?
5. Strong-willed women have a more difficult time fitting in with the rest of the women at church. Agree or disagree.

She’s hoping to post the results on Monday, so head on over and respond before then if you can. Hopefully you’ll come back here and check out my answers later. (I’m not finished thinking about the questions yet.)

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