On Monday, March 17th! What a nice surprise!

That’s a personal high here at Pragmatic Compendium! That’s not 273 visitors.  Rather, all the visitors combined viewed a total of 273 pages.  There were over 100 visitors, though!

Where did everybody come from? WordPress says some of you came from:

Proverbs 31 Ministries
Mocha with Linda
Mommy Brain

and the rest arrived through search engines and readers.

273 VIEWS in ONE day!

but only two people gave me “snow” advice. that’s cold, people. i’m going to freeze.

But after borrowing some really great clothes from a friend today, at least I will be a very stylish popsicle.

5 thoughts on “273 views

  1. LOL! I stopped looking at my “stats” because I would always feel the same – all these visitors and just two comments?!?!?

    Whenever I went skiing I would get hand warmers and foot warmers at the sporting goods store. When you open the package it stays warm and you put them in your boots or gloves. Makes a big difference.

    If you decide to ski the beginner lessons are worth the money. I prefer snow tubing because there is no skill involved, it’s cheaper, and it’s soooo much fun.

    Snow angels: Fall backwards into the snow with arms spread. move arms up and down. move legs in and out. Get up really carefully to avoid disturbing the picture you just made. Take photos! 🙂

    I’m going to look for those warmers! We’re going to go tubing for sure! We LOVE the “water coaster on a tube” experience, so I’m hoping it will be similar – but even more fun!

    As far as the clothing, I just gave in to the panic and bought some clothes at Ross. I had NO long sleeved shirts except the ones I’ve “borrowed” from my husband, so I now own three that fit me! And I usually wear skimmers and capris when I’m not working, so I got 4 pair of athletic pants with logos on them, you know, the check mark, the weird looking “W” and the weird “X” symbol (Reebok?) I think I got a pair of Adidas too. They all have flannel inside. BUT here’s the great part! Since it’s March in Florida, EVERYTHING was on the clearance rack! (to make room for the swim suits). So NOTHING was over $12! With the “outerwear” my friend lent me, I’m just missing socks and gloves! I think.

  2. Hey! I live in the South where the last time we saw snow that stuck on the ground was 4 1/2 years ago. I’ve got nothing for you. Our idea of cold weather clothing, in the case of an aberrant snowstorm, is going to be Kroger sacks rubber banded around tennis shoes. We are classy.

    But do hoping that you have much fun in the place of winter things and snow.

    Woman, you are stinkin hilarious! I have actually worn plastic bags on my feet. For many years. Always on Easter Sunday. My husband was a music minister (bi-vocational) for a Baptist church for almost 10 years and, as the music minister’s wife, I always had to help set up for sunrise service. in a grassy field. near a lake. in the dark. in the cold. the grass WET. EVERY year. After the first year of icicle toes until we got home from the regular church service, here’s what I did: layer of socks, layer of plastic bags, layer of socks, boots. Never had wet feet on Easter again.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting! I’m with you on how encouraging that can be.

    Snow? You’re voluntarily going where there is snow? I live in IL and we’ve had a lot this year.

    Snow advice:

    1. Not that you’ll be shoveling on vacation, but never shovel into the wind!
    2. Snow gear is a must if you are going to be out a lot. Wet and cold is no fun!
    3. To make the perfect snow angel, have someone ready to help you up so you don’t mess up your work of art getting up!
    4. Before starting a snowball fight, stealthily secure a pile of amunition.
    5. For safety’s sake, aim snowballs at legs rather than the face!
    6. Sledding is a must. Big inner tubes are a blast!
    7. Bring more than one set of mittens for multiple trips or bring a set of gloves and cover them with mittens so they are soaking the next time you go out.

    Amy – I may be going voluntarily, but I’m thinking I’ll be coming home voluntarily as well!
    1. shovel? yep, that’s why I live in Florida.
    2. I have some, I just don’t know if I have enough. I want so many layers I can’t put my arms down.
    3. I didn’t even think about that!
    4. I think I need another layer of gloves.
    5. Good rule! We have that rule for our nerf and disk shooting guns.
    6. We are doing BOTH!
    7. I’m thinking we’re going to Walmart in Salt Lake City.

    Thanks! (by JSM)

  4. From your comment since you are a no-reply-blogger. . . 🙁

    I love Selah!! I was so sad when the original girl (it’s late and I’m blanking on her name) quit. Their harmony is incredible and I love their songs.

    Avalon is also one of my favorites.

    Yet more commonalities.

    BTW, I’ve never told you, but I love your tagline “I breathe, therefore I organize”! That happens to be one of my compulsions as well. Plan a dinner for 100 or a workshop? No problem! But tell me to decorate with tulle, etc.? Hyperventilate!! LOL

    Selah’s original female voice would be Nicole, Todd’s sister. I aspire to sound like that. I try, but fall short. I think she got married and she also released a solo CD, but I didn’t gravitate to it.

    tulle? no. it’s spelled “tool.” That is more pragmatic. 🙂 also, crafting gives me hives. and say the word “glitter” to my daughter and without missing a beat, she says, “MY mom says glitter is evil.” That’s my girl.

    What is a “no-reply blogger?” It sounds like I don’t want to be one. Can I fix it?

    UPDATE: After one little email exchange, I’m not a “no-reply blogger” anymore. I’ll post a how-to very soon!THANKS LINDA! (by JSM)

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