5 minute diced mango

We had a hankering for mangos a few weeks back and, after trying to cut up the first one, I quickly googled the instructions. (There are no photos of the first attempt, it was a mess.)

First, I cut off the bottom of the mango so it would stand up all by itself.

bottomless mango

standing mango

A mango has a large, oblong pit and the goal was to get as much fruit off of it as possible. I cut off the two sides, or “cheeks” as close to the pit as I could. (Mangos aren’t egg shaped. If you turn them, you can see two opposing sides are somewhat flat.) Then I trimmed the edges. If you look closely, the white you see is the pit.

cheekless mango
cheekless mango
mango pieces parts
mango pieces parts

Because I wanted diced mango, I cut a checkerboard pattern in the flesh (but not all the way through the skin) and pushed the skin inside out so it looked kind of like a little mango hedgehog. I forgot to take a photo of my own little hedgehog, so here’s one from Google images:

mango hedgehog

Finally, I sliced the cubes off the skin, put them in a container (square or rectangle of course) and popped them in the fridge to chill. (You may need to check on your container later. It may be empty.) Check out the youtube video for an example and a few other options:

Where’s the little red clock? I forgot. You trust me don’t cha?

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2 thoughts on “5 minute diced mango

  1. Can’t you just cut it up like you would a potato?

    Memarie Lane – I forgot to mention the big giant pit in the middle of the mango. My bad. I’ll be adding that to the post now. (by JSM)

  2. I LOVE a good mango! What a great tip. Trust me, when I cut up a mango it’s always so messy. But they are so good.
    I will have to force myself to go on and buy one…or two…or even 3 mangoes so I can try this. 🙂

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