kitchen bouquet

Before I met FirstHusband, I had never heard of this product. Now, it’s the key ingredient to a standard recipe in our house. And the key component in the phenomenon of the disappearing carrots.

Here’s what we do:

1. Brown a roast (usually a chuck roast), put it in the bottom of the crock pot.

2. Top off the crock pot with peeled and cut potatoes on one side, baby carrots on the other.

3. Add water till it covers the carrots and potatoes.

4. Pour in Kitchen Bouquet until the water is . . . dark brown.
(sorry, I have NO measurement for you.)

5. Turn the crock pot on high for 4 to 5 hours.

6. Scoop out the potatoes into one bowl, the carrots into another and the roast onto a serving platter.
(we like our food separated. if you want vegetable chaos, mix them together, we don’t mind.)

7. Make some gravy with some of the broth. Save the rest of the broth for freezing.

8. Enjoy!

(There are never any leftover carrots. PinkGirl ate them like M&Ms on Monday night and asked for more on Tuesday. Luckily we have the leftover broth – cause THAT’s what makes the carrots so irresistible.)

FirstHusband learned about this from his Momma, but it has lots of other uses besides pot roast seasoning – Check out 104 Recipes Which Include Kitchen Bouquet over at RecipeZaar

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7 thoughts on “kitchen bouquet

  1. But… what is it?

    Memarie Lane – um. It’s brown. and. um. it’s a seasoning.

    oh. now I have to get up. I’m back. Ingredients: caramel, vegetable base (water, carrots, onions, celery, parsnips, turnips, salt, parsley, spices) sodium benzoate, (less than 0.1 of 1% to preserve freshness).

    huh. I didn’t know that. Thanks for making me learn something today! (by JSM)

  2. An X-boyfriend introduced me to this product. He made lots of stuff that used a gravy – since I left him, I left gravy…until recently. I have since learned how to make pot roast and I’ve been wondering if I should pick up a bottle of “that stuff.” Guess I will!


  3. What’s the sodium content? My MIL swears by something similar, but it’s SO high in salt that I’ve turned to my buddy Alton Brown to help me with gravies and sauces. I’m still in training, though…

    Debbie – 10mg per tsp! (by JSM)

  4. I have always wondered what this stuff was. I will look for it on the next trip because cooked carrots are not a favorite around here. Maybe we will have the disappearing carrot phenom as well.

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