Wordless Wednesday: a look back at Charley.

Thankfully, we were safe. We got a new roof, our ceilings were repaired, and our vehicles got new paint jobs.

But I still miss this huge tree.

This is my favorite “Charley” picture. The fence is gone, but the gate is still standing. and locked.

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: a look back at Charley.

  1. That is great! The gate is still standing and locked. that’s a Priceless moment.

    Cost of fence – $1000
    Cost of concrete for fence posts – $20
    Keeping the gate intact during a storm – priceless

    Kristen – As usual, you cracked me up! Are you getting drenched too or are you in the dry “eye?” (by JSM)

  2. Charley is what made me want to move. I’d liked FL until then. I was in St. Pete., and originally Charley was going to be a direct hit for us, a cat 5 at that! We spent the night in the closet but I couldn’t sleep, I sat up listening to the AM station. Then at 2AM, they announced that the storm had turned. All we got was a little rain. But that’s when I made the decision to leave, I couldn’t live in a place where I had to deal with that kind of terror on a regular basis.

    Marie – I don’t blame you – I love the ocean, but I don’t think I would live on the coast. Being in Central Florida, the hurricanes usually lose strength as they move inland. If I have to choose my natural disaster, I’ll take a hurricane over an earthquake or a tornado or a land/mudslide or any other disaster that comes on without warning. We’ve seen Fay coming for days. Gives us time to prepare. Or leave if we have to. We love Florida as much as we hate snow! (by JSM)

  3. I’ve started to reply to you several times today – and the power went out every time. Since I’ve had the power flicker three times in the past 10 minutes, I’m hoping it’s gotten it out of its system.

    I was going to say that we are fine, just rain and not even a ton of it all at once – just continued rain. But since about 3pm we have had a lot of wind. We’ve lost power for several hours today and then 10-20 1 minute or less power failures.

    All in all – I’m fine…just tired of the power outages.

    You have never posted so often – guess you’ve been inside too long yourself! LOL I’ve been enjoying the updates.

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