what is it with watermelons this week?

Sometimes my blog stats spike. Usually due to a Mr. Linky post from another site or a kind “shout out” from another blog. But this week just confuses me. Take a look:

My September 8th Google search strings included:
watermelon (31),
square watermelon (8),
square watermelons (5)
resulting in 60 VIEWS of the “my kind of watermelon” post

My September 9th Google search strings included:
watermelon (19),
square watermelon (8),
square watermelons (6)
resulting in 70 VIEWS of the “my kind of watermelon” post

And as of 6:55 p.m. (eastern time) on September 10th stats:
watermelon (26),
square watermelon (10),
square watermelons (2),
square water melon (2),
water melon square (2)
AND “καρπούζι τετράγωνο” (1) (which, when Googled – showed THIS page)
resulting in 66 VIEWS of the “my kind of watermelon” post

Look in my sidebar under “Top 10” posts. It’s moved to the top of the list.

I don’t get it. Do I just need to watch the news more? Disney’s Pass the Plate? Listen to NPR? Anyone?

UPDATE: I did figure out that the referring site is Google Images. Search for “watermelon” in Google Images and I’m on the first row. I guess when you’ve got a photo of watermelon showing up on the first page of Google Images, everyone in the world who searches for watermelon could potentially click on the image to see it better. Lucky me.

5 thoughts on “what is it with watermelons this week?

  1. That’s really weird. I wonder if there was a news program about square watermelons recently or something? That’s just an odd thing to be googling otherwise, isn’t it? I didn’t see it if there was, but then again, I don’t watch the morning news shows hardly ever anymore, so I have no wisdom to offer.

    I get spurts of lemon related things on mine and puppy driving me crazy shows up a lot. But they tend to come in groups, too – nothing for the longest time and then several from all over all on one day.

  2. Well, now I totally have to read that post about watermelons!
    I still don’t have stats on my blog. I have no idea if anyone reads my stuff LOL I really should though — I’d love to find out how people come to my site. I talk about liver transplants!

  3. I have to say you are on my poo list. Because of you I now am getting rid of my round containers and moving to square. They are not stackable but I am not a stacker anyway LOL

    Crystal – Thanks for the visit and the comment! I am honored to be on your “poo list” if it serves the organizational greater good! Donate those round containers to a charity to help those who are organizationally apathetic! (by JSM)

  4. *laugh* Ah, the vagaries of cyberspace. The #1 post on my blog – with more views than all my other posts COMBINED – is called, “Baby, You CAN Drive My Car!” It’s about 21st century learning, but it just HAPPENS to have a picture of a car interior in it. I grabbed the picture from Google images, and apparently it a dodge charger, because THAT is the search term bringin’ em’ in to my blog! But I’m happy for the traffic, so WHATEVER! Here’s the post, in case you want to laugh at how incidental the picture is to the actual content. http://tinyurl.com/5qfbwt Luckily, it’s a post I’m still proud of and still like, so it doesn’t bother me when it gets mega hits!

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