who buys this stuff? $450 sheet set

We’re down to two sets of sheets for our bed – one set is flannel (which I CANNOT deal with in Florida until December at the EARLIEST) and the other set is . . . very old. So, I’m perusing Overstock.com for king size sheets and something caught my eye. I could save $750!!!! I just can’t decide. Pink or Orange?

8 thoughts on “who buys this stuff? $450 sheet set

  1. I think for $450 a set, it would make the bed itself LOL

    I have bamboo sheets (mine were $40 at target – but alas they don’t sell them anymore) but I love the bamboo sheets, love them! They wash great, dry great, if you fold promptly or put on the bed right away, they don’t wrinkle.


  2. What are you talking about? More than one set of sheets per bed? Are you kidding me? You mean not everyone washes then immediately puts the same set of sheets back on the bed? Consider me speechless (and too cheap to buy sheets, $450 or $40 apparently!)


  3. I love, I mean LOVE, the Martex brand of sheets – combed egyptian cotton. Doesn’t get any better than that. And bonus, they are all on sale right now at Kohls. Although I am a big fan of the wash and put right back on the bed theory I do like a choice of colors. Which means I will have to finally learn to properly fold a king sized fitted sheet. Maybe.


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