my official guess is . . .

byran sausage.

If you’re just catching up, we’ve been on a quest to decipher the missing ingredient from FirstHusband’s handwritten one pot hit recipe. To see the entire recipe, check out “guess (or suggest) the missing ingredients, win a cookbook.” To read about our clues and continued thought process, check out “It’s a Cook-Off!” We’ve had LOTS of guesses and suggestions, none of which really seemed just right.

But I got to thinking about it. FavoriteSon LOVED it. Loved it? It had tomatoes in it. Spinach. Chick peas? big whoop. What would make FavoriteSon – my little carnivore – LOVE it?


I typically buy and keep one of the following on hand almost all the time:

Healthy Choice Smoked Turkey Sausage.
Oscar Mayer Smoked Sausage
Bryan Smoked Sausage

So am I right? I have no idea. But when I mentioned it to FirstHusband, he relied: “Could be, I’ll give it a try.”

It sure would explain why FavoriteSon loved it.

So, this is the first version we’ll try and I’ll let you know how it turns out. But, DON’T LET THIS STOP YOU from making additional suggestions! I’m not sure I’m right. It’s just a guess.

This is a follow-up from my previous entry at Kitchen Tip Tuesday hosted by Tammy’s Recipes. Go on over and check out the great tips and recipes!

4 thoughts on “my official guess is . . .

  1. I can totally read the “bryan” in that scribble. That sausage is a hit in our family. So, if this works, will you repost the recipe in typed print for the rest of us to try? Thanks.

  2. I think you won your own cook book there! LOL Although I do wonder why he bothered to measure it. I just take a link or two (the pack) and chop.

    Crystal – LOL! I’m still not sure I’m right, though. And that cookbook giveaway will be a random drawing! So, good luck! (by JSM)

  3. I can def. see the Bryan. And NOW I CAN FINALLY STOP STARING AT THAT STUPID PAGE!!!

    We don’t have Bryan brand in our area, so that would never have been something I could have guessed.

    Congrats on the good guess!

  4. I’m with Tina on this one – we don’t have that brand in our area – but I can see the word Bryan in the wording now.

    I hope to stop trying to make that scribble into words now – Thanks so much!! Maybe my dreams will now help me find that checkbook register that I’m missing.

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