he is my density.

FirstHustband “gets” me.

His job requires some travel. Some weeks more than others. Last week, he went up to Ft. Walton on Monday and was supposed to come home Tuesday evening. This in and of itself is annoying because there USED to be a direct flight from Orlando to Ft. Walton on USAir. He USED to be able to go and come back on the same day. NOW, he has to fly Delta through Atlanta. We call Atlanta the “Black Hole of the Delta Quadrant.” Star Trek geeks fans will understand.

Unfortunately, he and his traveling companion missed their flight home Tuesday night, so they rented a car and drove home. Instead of coming straight to the house, he had to drive to the airport to get his truck, about 30 minutes past his exit to our house. Then he had to check in the rental and drive about 45 minutes home. He got in the house after 3:00 a.m. The reason he couldn’t wait for next flight out of Ft. Walton on Wednesday morning was because he was flying out of Orlando AGAIN on Wednesday around noon. I had to drive him to the airport on Wednesday because I put my car in the shop and needed to keep the truck.

So his Wednesday through Friday trip was to Knoxville, Tennessee (and yes, I pronounce it “KNOCKSv’ll, TEN asee”). Since I have the truck, I’m supposed to pick him up from the airport Friday afternoon. Then we are off to the varsity football game, hoping FavoriteSon will get some time on the field even though he’s only an eight grader. Friday morning, I’m on a field trip with PinkGirl and the text messages start coming in at 10:36 a.m.:

Him: “Weather problems getting out of Knoxville. I re-ticketed to a flight landing just before 3:00 p.m. If there is a problem there, I’ll have to drive.”

Me: “Drive from where?”

Him: “Atlanta.”

Me: “What time would you get to Atlanta?”

Him: “Not sure. We’re doing the math now on if we’re better off driving from here (Knoxville). If we drive from here now we’ll be home around 9:00 p.m.”

Me: “Get these mutts away from me.”

Him: “I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore.”

Me: “yep.”

It was an immediate and correct response. Like I said, he totally gets me.

Anyone else “get” me?

Hint: We were talking in song lyrics. Any guesses? (Click HERE to find out what song. )

5 thoughts on “he is my density.

  1. Just visiting. While I haven’t had to deal with the family end of this, I used to be the Admin of a sales department. I’d often be “doing the math” for or with them over the phone, and could just hear how bone tired they were when things went like the above.

    It was their Admin who got them home. She’s good. And I’m thankful! (by JSM)

  2. Oh, I get you alright. It is getting harder and harder to get from point A to point B these days without traveling through point D.

    Heidi – At this point, I’m thinking train travel is faster. (by JSM)

  3. I love the BTTF reference about He is my Density! Not sure what the “mutts” is referring to.

    What a headache, though.

    Linda – I LOVE it when you tube has EXACTLY the clip I’m looking for – no more and no less. I love that scene.

    And my favorite part about picking him up at Orlando International Airport? The circling. One day, I’m going to hand a tissue out the window to the security guard working Arriving Flights. To stuff inside her whistle. (by JSM)

  4. Thanks for the link to the post – I still can’t think of where that line is in that song, but when I can get my headphones on I’ll enjoy listening to the song. (It is one of my favorite videos) and I literally laughed out loud at the title. LOVE IT!

    I would do just about anything to not have to drive in or near Atlanta. I hope his flight worked out and he didn’t have to drive.

    Kristen – It’s just after “Beer belly, beer belly” and before “and if you’ll be my body guard . . . ” toward the beginning of the song. The song is good, but the video makes it even better.

    He did get home that night. On AirTran. And we missed the entire first half of the game, but that was okay because FavoriteSon didn’t get on the field. (by JSM)

  5. All I had to do was briefly summarize your post and speak the line and MY husband immediately replied with the correct answer, too. We speak in lyrics all the time – and have for 14 years. Guess you can call me Al. (-:

    Debbie – Sounds like you found your density too. (by JSM)

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