it’s a pragmatic anniversary!

One year ago today, I posted on Compendium for the very first time – two posts, actually. In honor of that day, I offer the inaugural posts for your perusal:

just journal, even if it’s just one sentence. (What journaling does for me.)


be consistent. (One of my first lessons as a parent.)

My first commenter was Leslie at Lux Venit (my first 5 comments) and then Lisa at Lisa Writes (the next two). Thank you both for my first affirmation in the blogosphere!

4 thoughts on “it’s a pragmatic anniversary!

  1. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I know that I have been blessed to have found you so many months ago. I am always so excited to see a new post from you. I normally don’t go back and read past posts because I’m a “jump in where you are and go forward” kind of gal – but after reading your first two posts…I find I’m in need of some additional words of wisdom, from you.

    Being consistent. This is something I am not. Not even with myself. I’m going to mull that around in my head today while I am painting and cleaning at our flip house.

    Happy Happy day!

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Pragmatic Compendium is one of my most favorite blogs!

    I went back and read both your first two posts. Of course, as a Memory Preservation coach, I am all about the journalling. Sadly, as I’ve watched the older generations of my family succumb to Alzheimer’s, I know that memory is fleeting and fallible. Don’t assume your mind will retain the meaningful details. And even if by some miracle it does, those memories are gone when you are. So talk about those memories, but more importantly WRITE THEM DOWN. Add some pictures if you have them and some fru-fru if you are so inclined (I’m usually not), but get those special moments recorded tangibly for future generations.

    And as for consistency – YES! It is THE MOST valuable and LEAST understood tool in a parent’s arsenal. Children are truly SCIENTISTS. They have nothing better to do than try something over and over again (think spoon thrown from high chair tray) just to see what happens. In fact, learning by experimenting IS THEIR JOB. And guess what? We parents are their scientific subjects.

    In so many families, kids are in charge and the parents don’t even know it, usually because the parents are tired (or feeling guilty) and they give in because it’s easy. The parents don’t understand that they are creating the very monsters about which they will someday moan. They laugh when their kid innocently says something “bad” – then wonder why the kid says bad words on purpose when he is older. Or they tell the kid to stay out of the mud and change her clothes if there’s a speck of dirt – then wonder why their daughter is obsessed with clothes.

    My kids aren’t perfect and neither am I, but I am very often able to put myself in their shoes and reason as they reason. I am also in tune with what makes each of them tick, what their “currencies” are, and how those ticks and currencies change over time so that what works today may not work tomorrow. Parenting is timeless yet dynamic, traditional yet evolutionary, rote yet intellectually challenging, exhausting yet exhilarating.

    Come to think of it, parenting is a lot like this blog! Looking forward to reading for another fantastic year and beyond!

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