s’mores and smears.

We will probably break in our new fire pit this weekend. And there will be s’mores.


I personally prefer what I call “smears.” Take a single “brick” of Hershey’s chocolate (I prefer special dark) and stuff it inside a marshmallow. Toast it to your preferred gooeyness and pop it in your mouth. If you handle it to much after it’s toasted, the chocolate smears all over – hence the name.

If you have anything chocolaty to share, post and link to Would You Like Chocolate With That? hosted by Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolate!

4 thoughts on “s’mores and smears.

  1. A few years ago, I got a s’more maker from my MIL for Christmas. I was flabbergasted. I mean, s’mores are made OUTSIDE over a fire, right? It’s practically sacrilegious to make them INSIDE using STERNO, right?

    Turns out, not so. They don’t taste quite as good as campfire s’mores, mind you. But they are GOOD. In fact, I’m wimping out and serving them as the dessert at my monthly customer memory keeper crop tonight. Make your own dessert!

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