kitchen bouquet roast.

Way back in August of last year, I recommended Kitchen Bouquet. It’s made from “caramel, vegetable base (water, carrots, onions, celery, parsnips, turnips, salt, parsley, spices) sodium benzoate, (less than 0.1 of 1% to preserve freshness).” It has 10mg sodium per teaspoon.

This weekend, I found myself making our standard roast with carrots and potatoes, so I grabbed the camera.

First, brown the roast. Most often I use a chuck roast, but this pot roast was on sale. Then cover the roast with peeled, cut up potatoes and baby carrots. We use frozen baby carrots, but we give the carrots a little head start by cutting open the bags and nuking them for a few minutes.



Cover with water.


Then pour in a little Kitchen Bouquet – just enough to turn the water dark brown.


Turn the crock pot on high and leave for 6 to 8 hours or until the potatoes and carrots are tender. We’ve also made this meal on the stove top and it seems to cook much faster. We’ve put it on before church and served it for lunch. We are freakish and separate the potatoes and carrots – each one getting their own serving bowl. Then we remove the meat and make gravy with the broth.

Pinkgirl devours these carrots. I’m surprised she doesn’t turn orange. And FavoriteSon, my little carnivore, LOVES the meat!

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4 thoughts on “kitchen bouquet roast.

  1. What’s “Kitchen Bouquet” and is it high in sodium? (Gravymaster, which my MIL uses and which I suspect is similar, is HORRIBLY high in sodium).

    Debbie – No, not all. I’ll add the ingredients to the post. (by JSM)

  2. I had an Xboyfriend that used the Kitchen Bouquet – I really should get some, it’s been 14 years now lol We make our potroast on the stove in a giant cast iron skillet. It takes about 4 hours. I’ve never gotten used to using a crock pot, but I think it’s because I always make way too much food for just the two of us.

  3. This looks delish!! Seriously, I need to get to the store and try it… nothing like a roast when it’s cold outside, don’t ya think??

    Thanks for sharing… I had never heard of Kitchen Bouquet…but what a fabulous seasoning to have!

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