7 Quick Takes: 06.19.09

1. Let’s play a little game. I’ll give you an answer and you guess the question. Ready?

Answer: A rock, a piece of glass, a shell, a 2 inch sliver of a dinner plate, a screw, a piece a straw from a kid sippy cup, a plastic straw wrapper from a juice box, a LOT of paper and some disgusting stuff I didn’t recognize.

Question: What we found in the “fine filters” when we took the Kenmore Whirlpool 665 (Model 66516912001) dishwasher apart. Ewww.

FirstHusband threw away the pile of crud before I could take a photo. Sorry.

To Jake at the forums for www.applianceblog.com for the info and PHOTOS! Last week’s Quick Take post showed a photo of what my dishwasher was wasn’t doing. Disgusting crud left on our dishes.

FirstHusband started making “buy a new dishwasher” noises, but I actually LIKE my dishwasher. Well, I LIKED my dishwasher and I wanted it back. So I relied on the power of the Google search string and found a forum with discussion and instructions and photos . . . which led to a pretty cool date night.

What? Saving $500 plus dollars by spending Saturday night taking apart, cleaning and putting together a dishwasher isn’t a great date?

3. Mother/Daughter Talk

PinkGirl: Mom? I don’t like the hair on my legs.

Me: Honey, it’s normal. All your friends have hair on their legs too. (pause) Well, I think they all do. I can’t imagine 3rd graders shaving their legs.

PinkGirl: When do girls shave their legs?

Me: Well, I don’t know, we’ll pay attention to what other girls your age are doing and then we’ll decide. In American culture women shave their legs and under their arms, so when you start to grow hair under your arms, we’ll definitely know it’s time.

PinkGirl: (totally quiet in the back seat of the van)

I glance at her in the rear view mirror and she’s got the one eyebrow up, disgusted, “you’ve GOT to be kidding me” face and she says:

“Gruh hu hu hu OSS


4. Bought our vacation on eBay! Going to Ocean Walk in Daytona again! Pretty sweet deal! I’ll write about it AFTER we go, like I did last year. (If you’re interested in the resort, I put lots of photos of the room and the views at www.KeepandShare.com The photos were summer of 2008 and they are beginning renovations in September 2009)

I can’t WAIT to sit on the balcony and watch this again:


p.s. Dear blogging friends: Please stop announcing when your house will be empty if your name and location are anywhere on your blog. It’s probably a long shot, but it creeps me out to think someone might read exactly when you are going on vacation and target your house while you are gone. Talk about vacation AFTER vacation. Thank you. I feel much better now.

5. I’m Decorating. And don’t really decorate. I’m not that good at it. I mostly just organize in an aesthetically pleasing way.




I especially have trouble with art. We moved in this house in 1996 and before last weekend, the walls of our bedroom had absolutely NOTHING on them. After my surgery, spending so much time in my room, in my bed, I was pretty much HATING my bedroom. I want a “haven.” Not a room with a bed in it. FirstHusband and I went out together and found some things we both liked.

With one giant, vaulted ceiling wall left still bare, we were at a standstill. Photos? Another picture of a red tree? Word art? word art. hmmm. Lyrics. So I asked FirstHusband:

“What song lyrics would you pick to be framed for our room – and you are NOT allowed to pick Jimmy Buffet’s Let’s Get Drunk and . . . ”

He said, “Well actually, my first thought was “I’ll Still Be Lovin You” by Restless Heart.”

We had that sung at our wedding. Husband points.

Now it’s my turn. After his selection, I first thought of “You Bring Me Joy” by Anita Baker because it was the song we danced to at our reception. But written lyrics just aren’t the same as Anita wailing “YOU BRING ME-EE JOY . . . ” It just lost something in the translation from sound to paper. And I really don’t ever call FirstHusband “baby” so . . . You Bring Me Joy is out. I’ve been listening to music all day, trying to figure out what to use. It has to be something meaningful to both of us. Since his selection is so serious, I’m thinking maybe funny. Like Peel Me a Grape It takes us back to the Cadillac Lounge on the Disney Wonder. But no. We are searching for the second song together. I’ll update when we pick something.

6. Two Post-op Appointments in the last 10 days. GYN says I’m clear but it will take about a year until I’m “fully recovered.” There’s a LOT missing in there and I’m feeling what I can only describe as “shifting around.” Those fibroid tumors took up some serious real estate. The plastic surgeon was happy about my recovery except for some keloid development (a hypertrophic scar) so he injected the scar with steroids. What!?! The good news? My lower abdomen is still swollen and I’m still so numb I didn’t feel ANYTHING. I’m continuing to use Mederma on the scars and I go back in 6 weeks. I’m still not allowed to do a full sit up, but I am allowed to ease back into strength training as long as I don’t do ANYTHING that hurts. okay then. (CLICK HERE FOR HYPERTROPHIC SCAR UPDATE)

7. TV 14. FavoriteSon just turned 14 last week. He knew that one of our (FirstHusband and I) favorite tv shows was “Big Bang Theory. It displays that “TV 14” notation at the corner of the screen and he suggested that he was now old enough to watch it. So. We let him. After finishing the first DVD, we had a serious and rather lengthy discussion with him about premarital sex. (there’s some sexual innuendo in that show). It was a good discussion. Really good. In the world, not of it. In the world, not of it.

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 06.19.09

  1. Oh what a funny read my friend. Loved the conversation about shaving the legs. I think my daughter was 12 and could be trusted with a razor! LOL. Oh and kudos to you for “saving” $500.00 on your date! Hee! Hee!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m with you when it comes to art–never know where to put what and if it’s really art and does it matter. My daughter told me a couple of years ago that it almost looked like we rented because there was so little on the walls. And we’d lived here 4 years by then. It’s not much better now.

  3. That’s so interesting about the art in your home. My husband and I have so much (and so many of them are GIANT pieces) that we have one whole storage closet full of art pieces. It’s rough to move from a large house to a much smaller one when wall space is a premium.

    What a lovely idea to write some song lyrics and put them in your room. You’ll find something that’s just right.

    I know, I know that we aren’t supposed to say when we are going away.

    I didn’t understand the “bought our vacation on eBay” title. Did you get your rooms on eBay or something?

  4. Just because we go on vacation doesn’t mean our house is empty! We often have people stay at our house and/or come and go checking it. Plus, having nosy neighbors – and BEING nosy neighbors – is a GOOD thing in the summer!

  5. Funny read – love the leg hair discussion!

    Question: how the heck does a scar do that keloid thing, anyway? I have some nicely healed scars from surgeries, and then I have some that are train wrecks. What’s that all about? Did your doc explain what happens by chance?

    Btw, saw FirstHusband this morning when we left for the airport before the crack of dawn. We didn’t really realize it was him until it was too late. I hope he didn’t think we were being rude by not waving! 🙂

  6. Love the long hair discussion! My daughter is 12 and just started shaving her legs, she started shaving under her arms a bit earlier, and was also appalled about the whole idea the first time I told her. 🙂
    I love the basketball in the flower planter, that is what I should do, put basketballs and baseballs in my planters! 🙂

    And I totally agree about not posting about when you will be gone. I don’t even post about it on facebook, and those are my “friends.”

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