Daybook: Monday, 07.06.09

Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook is taking the summer off, but I decided to go ahead and post a Daybook entry anyway.

Outside my window . . . the mailbox flag is still up. The mail man carrier is two hours late. Probably due to extra deliveries because of the July 4th holiday on Saturday.

I am thinking . . . about all I need to do. And then pushing it all aside for a little prayer and Bible study time in between dropping off and picking up two kids at two day camps in two different locations.

I am thankful for . . . our abundant blessings. Too many to count:

All in my little family have faith in God and strive to live in His will.
Our physical health.
My husband’s job stability and my loyal clients.
Our material blessings – our home and its air conditioning.
Electronic appliances we often take for granted – our cell phones, computers, mp3 players, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, game systems. Ice maker.
Reliable, paid for vehicles.
The comfort, companionship and humor of our cats.

From the learning rooms . . .

My Utmost for His Highest, July 5th entry: “The one thing that keeps us from the possibility of worrying is bringing God in as the greatest factor in all our calculations.

Psalm 37:5 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.

From the kitchen . . .No baking bread. Nothing in the crockpot. Leftovers tonight. Flowers on the table. So far. Soon, I will walk into the kitchen and hear a cat scramble off the table. I will then see half-eaten flowers on the table next to the vase. Later, the cat will puke flowers somewhere.

I am wearing . . . bermuda shorts and a tshirt. Hair up in a knot. Flip flops. It. Is. HOT. The tshirt is too hot. I need to change into something sleeveless.

I am creating . . . a computer macro for one of my clients. Fun. In a geeky sort of way.

I am going . . . to get the mail. I just heard the mail truck.

I am reading . . .

My Utmost For His Highest: Limited PB Edition by Oswald Chambers
Practically Perfect in Every Way: My Misadventures Through the World of Self-Help–and Back
Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum, No. 3) by Janet Evanovich.

I am hoping . . . to find “delight” in something today. Like a rainbow. Or the smell of baking bread. Or . . . whatever. I’m looking for delight, so I know I will find it. That’s why I put flowers on the table.


And it’s why I just took a break from drafting this post and asked FavoriteSon to bake bread. (in the bread maker – it’s his “thing” in the family – He is such a great guy!)

I am hearing . . . my son. The kitchen timer went off and he immediately stopped playing his video game to unload the dishwasher and bring in the recycling bins. I didn’t even have to remind him. I told you I told you he was a great guy!!

Around the house . . .the wall art lettering came in the mail today!

One Two of my favorite things . . .

These Pentel pens. Easy flow, quick drying. My FAVORITE pen.

pentel pen

Cobalt blue glass. This sits next to my reading spot in the living room.

cobalt vase

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Bible study and prayer time every day.
Kid chauffeur duties.
Purging the house of STUFF.
Finishing up a client project.
Walk every day.

2 thoughts on “Daybook: Monday, 07.06.09

  1. Oh I would love to have a mail box, and a wee flag!

    Here we have a letter box in our front door. At the cottage we don’t even have a letter box, and our neighbour lets us share her letter box and passes on any post (never much).

    It is just one of those American things that has NOT come over here – everything else seems to eventually!

  2. Pushing the daily to-do list aside to seek Jesus and His Word, and looking for delight, are two very connected concepts. Yet, after 43 years of a relationship with Jesus I am amazed that I still need reminders. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your delightful discoveries!
    (Doesn’t Janmary’s comment just make you smile and appreciate those little differences? I may never visit my mailbox with the same attitude again!)

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