Be careful what you pray for . . .

God’s a comedian today.

So. I’m writing in my prayer journal. My mind shoots to this post by Elle and I write:

I want to tell stories about how you work in my life, Lord.

And then.

I hear.

A strange noise.

Probably just the cat.

But. No. That doesn’t sound like the cat.

So I get up, walk into the family room and realize.

Squirrel in the Chimney.


Seriously! And I find this flippin hilarious!!! Because I’ve already TOLD this story. A LOT. I put it on YOUTUBE back in December. You want to hear it?

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the roof. Adding to the story. This should be fun. um. Thank you God?


6 thoughts on “Be careful what you pray for . . .

  1. I think that video gets funnier every time I watch it! At least you have a system that works and it takes the mystery out of how to encourage the squirrel out of your chimney… right? 😀

  2. Omigosh, another squirrel in the chimney? No WAY!

    Do you still have the directions for the escape route??


    Can’t wait to see this one unfold!

  3. For the life of me I can’t figure out how you get those creatures so often. You must have a sign up there that says Squirrel Entrance or something.

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