hi ho, hi ho.

I’m still here – just working a LOT. And climbing a learning curve for the work projects. Trying to steal hours in the fragmented chaos to actually focus on the learning and the work. The kind of work that requires complete and total quiet, lots of gum and Diet Coke.

Wore pantyhose for the first time since my surgery. For four hours on Tuesday afternoon. AFTERNOON in Florida. I did not miss pantyhose this summer.

Took down my business website (well, kinda. I broke some links on purpose). Completely overhauling it. No learning curve, thank goodness, but tedious and slow. It’s going to look so much better. And the navigation menu will actually WORK all the time. I hope it’s more intuitive. I’ll do a reveal when I’m finished.

Still chauffeuring children, spending hours in the car every day. School starts on August 13, but I’m leading the program for my woman’s circle that day, so August 14th is really the day I intend to sit all by myself in my living room listening to the clock tick. ahhhh. (I do this twice a year. The first day of school and January 2nd.)

Still singing with my church’s praise team. The music is better. There are lyrics. VERSES. (As opposed to painfully repetitive phrases). There are lots of notes. Melody lines which utilize the entire treble/base clef. (As opposed to the monotonous tonality of three, maybe four notes). I’m actually praising God when I sing instead of getting anxious. So. It’s good.

We’ve begun transferring old 8mm tapes to DVD. Watching as we go. Why don’t we watch home movies more? These are really wonderful. Unfortunately, one tape had audio cutting in and out. I’m not sure if it messed up during the recording or if it’s happening during the playback. I’m really bummed because it was a period of over 6 months when PinkGirl was 3 and FavoriteSon was 8 – she was jabbering nonstop and he was EXTREMELY loving and attentive toward her. I’m wondering if I can find someone who might be able to recover the audio (if it’s even on the tape to recover).

We need another house purge. I’ve got a pile by the front door, almost ready to go to charity. If I don’t get it out of here soon, the pile will start to grow – with things that actually shouldn’t be donated. We have this tendency to drop stuff on surfaces and this pile has a surface. I’m feeling like we’re not the only people who tend to do that, right?

I’m easily aggravated today. People who are driving anywhere near me are doing it wrong. They should hang up and drive, use their turn signals and drive the speed limit. And my computer is WAY too slow. And the cat is making too much noise while he gives himself a bath. I fear for the people who must interact with me today. I’m holding in the sarcasm. must. not. roll. my eyes. or mutter.

Gotta go. The printer won’t connect and I need to print the praise team lead sheets, so I need to reboot. FavoriteSon needs to be picked up from a friend’s house and then taken for his annual sports physical. And maybe the meningitis immunization the doctor wants him to get (I need to research that one). I HAVE to get some work done on an overdue project and call another client about a new project . . .

I need more coffee.

And I seriously need a haircut.

I should walk today. And sit in the sauna tonight.

I’m taking 20 minutes for a prayer/quiet time with that coffee. It’ll start like this:

“Lord. Please help me get everything done that I need to today. Please help me prioritize everything I need to get done today so the things that don’t get done aren’t a big deal.”

“and please help me with my grammar.”

4 thoughts on “hi ho, hi ho.

  1. I do that sigh when my husband leaves the house for a vacation. I’m so happy to hear that your praise team is working better for you – you sounded at your wits end when you spoke of it before. What a blessing it’s so much better 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you are among the living–I figured you were on an extended vacation or something!

    how are you transferring from 8mm to DVD? We have a lot we’d like to do that with, as well.

    And yes, any horizontal surface that has a THING on it invites other THINGS to come and join it. It’s a common malady!

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