windows of opportunity.

Stephanie commented on my last post, “I’m telling the story wrong.

“Julie, I know you don’t want any praise for this. I understand you are telling us this to show us what can be done when we open ourselves up to opportunities that God may be placing in front of us all the time and we are too self-absorbed or other-focused to recognize.

How many opportunities have I missed because I didn’t ask the same thing?

I get it.

Thank you.”

Stephanie – YES! YES! YES! THAT’S what I’m saying! There are no words to describe way I felt as I watched the new owners drive away from me in that van after the title transfer this afternoon.

Every day, I’ve been asking God to show me more opportunities to serve and, although none have been on this scale (yet), they have been there – EVERY day. Although, honestly, I also have to pray for the motivation and courage to be immediately obedient. When I’m not, sometimes the window of opportunity closes. I hate it when that happens.

(Yo. FirstHusband. You’re with me on the “yet” right? I know you were joking when you asked me not to pray for anyone who needs a kidney. But what about a liver? They regenerate.)

And I have been awestruck at how God has continued to work out the tiniest of details through this entire process. Yesterday, I had the Odyssey, my friends’ car and FirstHusband’s truck. Today, I transferred the Odyssey to the new owners. My friends – whose car I borrowed – were returning from their trip, so I was returning it to them. And FirstHusband was on travel.

I was supposed to purchase my “new” vehicle this afternoon, so the “loss” of all those back-up means of transportation was no big deal. Then that purchase was delayed until tomorrow. Yesterday, three vehicles. Today, not a one.

I had offered to pick my friends up from the airport – in their car. God, in his infinite wisdom and perfect timing worked it out again. I was talking on the cell to FirstHusband, thinking out loud, working through the logistics of it all and he said, “um. Julie? My truck is at the airport.”


In my defense, I am on cold medicine right now. So, I drove to the airport in my friend’s car and drove home in FirstHusband’s truck. (okay. I’m not on THAT much cold medicine.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to purchase my replacement vehicle tomorrow. If not – no big deal – I have the truck! (It’s entertaining to watch me try to PARK a Ford F250, but it gets me where I need to go.)

And my “new” vehicle? I’ll post a photo as soon as I get it. But I gotta tell you. God has a sense of humor. If you already know what it is, don’t tell, but if you don’t, wanna guess?

2 thoughts on “windows of opportunity.

  1. A white Honda Odyssey? I know how much you love white vans.

    Am I close? 🙂

    Amy – As I always say, “If I have to drive a minivan, it should be RED.” (by JSM)

  2. I’m guessing it’s the exact same van that you have right now. And I used to drive an E350 15 passenger van. It was HUGE!

    Tina – I think they may have the same wheel base. (by JSM)

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