7 quick takes. 11.20.09

1. American Girl doll, Kirsten backordered until May 25? Seriously?

2. I have stuffed so much information into my brain in the last two weeks I’m mentally exhausted. I read computer manuals much like novels when I’m in the learning curve mode and somehow I remember freakish amounts of computer capabilities but forget to do simple things, like eat and sleep.

3. Work is good. Busy, but really good. My favorite client is upgrading – all new computers for everyone – more than 60 when it’s all said and done. LOTS of work. Custom configuration for each computer after they are cloned and I’m training my first batch of client employees on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. I REALLY want to be finished by Christmas.

4. More than wanting to be finished by Christmas, I REALLY want to remember everything I’m learning so I can teach it to other people. Content outlines are my lifeline.

5. PinkGirl’s 9th Birthday!!!!

6. Serving Thanksgiving dinner at our church this year instead of having our traditional meal at home and we are all (even the kids) looking forward to it! We’ll have our Thanksgiving on Friday. NO shopping for me. You die hard Black Friday people? Good luck with that. I’m gonna give CyberMonday a try this year.

7. I need a massage. There appears to be a corkscrew stuck in my trapezius.

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