what is it you do exactly?

When someone asks me what I do, I know they’re talking about work. Outside my home. Other than being a mom. I usually answer, “I’m a trainer and consultant.”

Often, that’s the end of it. Sometimes, if they’re interested, they’ll wrinkle their eyebrows and ask something like:

What is it you do exactly?

Even my mom asks me this. My son gets it now. My daughter only gets the training part.

My work is . . . eclectic. Some days I write this:

(don’t actually read it, just glaze over it, like I sometimes do)

INSERT(The Big Bank of Central Southeast, a Florida corporation)
INSERT(Small Town Bank, a Florida corporation)
INSERT(The Friendly Local Credit Union, a State Chartered Credit Union)
KEYBOARD(Please Enter the Name of the Bank and Click “Continue”)

and this:


(That’s WordPerfect merge code and it helps automate the creation of legal documents.)

Sometimes I play with Microsoft Word codes like these:

CREATEDATE \@ “MMMM d, yyyy”
{ASK DOA “Enter Date of Accident” \o \*MERGEFORMAT }

(Those are field codes, also to help automate the creation of documents.)

Woo. Hoo.

That’s some of the computer consulting part.

The FUN computer consulting part is when I get to do needs analysis and provide proactive methods to get things DONE quickly and as efficiently as possible (as opposed to just constantly reacting when things don’t work correctly). Like analyzing how information is received and how it is processed (which is often unique to the client) and then figuring out the best way to accomplish the client’s goals while still taking into account their own personal preferences and work processes. My favorite clients are the ones who understand that preventing a problem saves time and money – money which stays in their pocket. I don’t enjoy clients who just react frantically to problems as their every day M.O. Which is why I don’t have any of those clients anymore. WAY too stressful and I risked my reputation every time I walked into a crisis situation created by lack of planning and preparation. Done ranting now.

So, that’s SOME of what I do. The computer part. There’s more, but I’m too tired to even type right now.

Right now, I’m in the middle of a firm wide client computer upgrade that is both exhausting and rewarding. But I can’t bring myself to complain. Customizing the setup/defaults on every new computer and training for every employee. I’m having a blast! And the work is a direct answer to prayer. So I’m going to work every day, praying for an opportunity to serve God in any way I can.

The first step to my witness is to be a credible, reliable resource. Another is to pay attention and look for opportunities. Even the tiny ones. I’m praying that I’ll be aware. And that I’ll have the courage and motivation to be obedient when God provides an opportunity to serve him.

Christian author, Philip Yancey says we can serve God in unexpected places. Tomorrow, I’m looking for one again.

2 thoughts on “what is it you do exactly?

  1. Is it wrong to need a blog post explaining the blog post that explains what you do? My brain didn’t just glaze over that code, it ‘ploded. Wow. I am thankful that you explained. And I would be willing to have a problem to have you come and fix it. Because you do have a servant’s heart. Glad that God has provided the work and your talent to accomplish it.

  2. Wow;

    I came across this post because of the “computer consultant” part… but what really spoke to me was

    “I’m having a blast! …the work is a direct answer to prayer.”

    Yea, and amen. Too often it’s forgotten that work can be viewed not as a burden, but a *blessing*. Not merely a task of subsistence, but an opportunity to provide genuine service to, and interact with, others. As you so aptly stated, “…to be a credible, reliable resource”.

    IT, and all things technical, can so easily be viewed as the problem, the “bad thing”. Thanks for the reminder that any tool serves the purpose of the one who wields it. Even technology can be a blessing if we utilize it, as Elle, above, puts it, with “…a servant’s heart”.


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