2010 Word of the Year

For the last few years, I’ve been selecting a “Word of the Year” – kind of a theme of the year instead of compiling a typical list of resolutions. Last year, my word was “Action.” I took lots of Action, the biggest act being my “long time coming” decision to rid myself of two decades worth of intrusive fibroid tumors by having a hysterectomy.


Lots of other actions, much chronicled in my 2009 posts.

This year?

My word is “PARTNERING.”

I Want to Partner with God.
I want to proactively jump up and down, excitedly saying “SEND ME! SEND ME!”

Since August 7th, 2009, when I started actively praying the prayer of Jabez, God has allowed me to be his hands and feet in ways I NEVER could have imagined this time last year. I’m still regularly praying the Prayer of Jabez, but I’ve been learning even more about what it means when I pray for blessings of wisdom and discernment, for God to bless me with empathy, compassion and kindness. I’m learning that when I pray for God to “Expand my territory” and allow me to have greater influence in His name, it means that He will do it in ways that are “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” (Ephesians 3:20).

FirstHusband and I are reading “You Were Born for This” by Bruce Wilkinson. This year, I’m adopting the principles outlined in this book.

Here are some excerpts:

. . . the term personal miracle to describe what happens when you help another person by intentionally relying on God’s power to meed that individual’s need . . .

. . . good works by your own effort are good and necessary but many times are not enough . . .

. . . among the good works you and I were born to do lies a wide range of accomplishments that are extremely important to God that we have been commissioned to do for Christ – and that we absolutely cannot do without His supernatural power working through us . . .

. . . It’s a joint but unequal venture between weak humans and an extraordinary God to pursue His agenda in His way in His time by His power for His glory . . .

. . . When you and I ask to be sent by God, we are taking His urgent, heartfelt command and turning it into our urgent, heartfelt request . . .

. . . even when we’re sure we have little to offer, God matches us with situations and people uniquely and for a purpose . . .

. . . the greater risk is not misreading His nudge, but getting sidetracked by rationalizations, excuses, uncertainty, doubt or neglect.”

After what happened last year with my van, I’m convinced that He can do ANYTHING. I had a chance to partner with Him and the blessings were overwhelming. I have no idea what He will do next, but I want to be His hands and feet (and mouth, cause you KNOW I like to talk!). The miracles may not be “van sized” but if God can use me, I want to be there. Bruce Wilkinson says I’ll be “fighting fear before long” and I believe him. In spite of that, my prayer is this: “Send me Lord, whatever that means and however it happens. I trust You.”

I Want to Partner with My Husband
To strengthen our marriage. It’s strong, don’t get me wrong – we are each other’s best friend, advocate, accountability, soul mate, all those words. But we could be even stronger together. We want to strengthen our spiritual connection. That’s one of the reasons we are reading together. Praying more together. Even after 19 years of marriage, we are actively working on learning more about each other.

I Want to Partner with My Kids
I want to be distinctively, obviously on their side. I want to increase my support even more. I want to provide them with the tools and DAILY encouragement to succeed – and not success as the “world” defines it. I want to be a good steward of these precious gifts God has given me. FavoriteSon is a FRESHMAN in high school! WHEN did that happen? We need to teach that boy how to cook without a microwave. Among other things. The list is getting long. Let the learning begin! I kinda feel sorry for them both. 😉

I Want to Partner With My Church
I want to continue serve God with my voice – singing and speaking. So far, that means I will continue serving on the 9:30 praise team and saying yes to speaking opportunities – like one on January 17th, when I’ll be speaking at an afternoon Retreat on the topic “Daily Prayer Disciplines.” I’m fervently praying for God to give me the words He wants me to share. I have no agenda at the moment, just ideas. I want God’s message – not mine. My words would be like an anvil. His words will meet needs. Needs I don’t know about and may never will. I’m praying for blessings of wisdom and discernment and obedience.

3 thoughts on “2010 Word of the Year

  1. An interesting choice for the year, but I can see it is totally thought through.

    I was thinking along the lines of a word for this year, too, as I didn’t do so well with last year’s. Still pondering.

  2. What an exciting and positive focus for the New Year! Blessings to you as you step through the process.

    Your note the other day meant so much to me, just knowing that you were praying was the encouragement I needed for the day. I’m closing in on my surgery date and looking forward to feeling better soon! Possibly then I will regain some “online presence” and visit with you more.

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