first fruit.

“. . . music is supposed to be only a tool, a platter upon which the message is served. It’s not the point. If it becomes the point, you are left with only noise.”

. . . I confess that I have been in the middle of worship, paused, looked at the words on the screen that I had merely reciting, and thought, “Wow, I haven’t lived like that all this week.”

from “Lifestories: Finding God’s Voice of Truth Through Everyday Life
by Mark Hall (lead singer of Casting Crowns)

Lord, in rehearsal, I want to strive for excellence, to prepare my best offering for you. But I when I sing in a recording session or on a stage, I want to disappear and become your hands, your feet, your voice. Please speak through me and use me as a witness for your grace and glory, in spite of my weaknesses and my sin.

On Sunday mornings, I want to offer you my first fruits.

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  1. wow. Been there, done that WAY too many times. That’s one of the hardest things with leading worship each Sunday–that it becomes something you recite instead of actually MEAN. I miss that!

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