crazy woman singing in the van singing what? “No Sweeter Name”

For such a simple song, this has been wiping the floor with me all week. Then I watched Kari Jobe sing it. She’s amazing. But I figured out why this song is so challenging for me. She breathes much more often than I do. I’m trying to get through the first two lines on one breath and the third line on one breath. It’s taken me all week, but I think I might finally have it. We’ll find out tomorrow. I’m not going to work at it tomorrow, I’m just going to praise, so it’ll be in God’s hands.

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6 thoughts on “crazy woman singing in the van singing what? “No Sweeter Name”

  1. I love her voice!!! I love this song – I remember one of the times I first heard this song and how I didn’t want to stop listening to it. So beautiful! No sweeter name than the name of JESUS!

    Have a blessed weekend!

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