If I was a mechanic, I’d look. But I’m not, so I won’t.

For over a week, we left the key in the ignition in our van. Intentionally.

It had been touchy to insert it for a few weeks, but FavoriteSon and I had finessed the process. Then, on our trip to Georgia last week, FirstHusband, having no idea about the problem (oops), was a little more forceful with it and the next time we tried to get the key in the ignition, it took a few minutes. Since we were in Georgia and didn’t want to get STUCK in Georgia, we left a key in the ignition, covered it with a jacket and locked the van with another key. We wrapped a ponytail holder around it to remind us not to remove it.

Since I had to work on client site Tuesday and did NOT want to try and park FirstHusband’s Ford F250 in Downtown Orlando, I scheduled the repair for Wednesday morning. For the most part, I would say I’m really pleased with Courtesy Honda in Sanford, but when I went to pick up the van, I was . . . a little insubordinate.

Service Rep: “I want you to take a look at that leaking pressure hose.”
Me: “I’d really rather not.”
Service Rep: “You really need to see it.”
Me: “Not really. I’m not a mechanic, that’s why I outsource my car repair.”

(See, this is why I’m in business for myself. If I worked for someone else, I would be fired for insubordination within about a minute and a half. FirstHusband says I have a problem with authority. I say I tend to ignore bossy people.)

He just wanted me to look at a wet hose, which he said he could fix for $570. Half hour later, our favorite mechanics at Oviedo’s Automech quoted $359. (Automech told me to have the dealer do the ignition repair because of its integration with the alarm sytem)

I’m not any good at repairing a leaking power steering pressure hose. I’m better at finding someone competent who can do it at the best price.

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