the evolution of my WORD.

I wrote a few days ago that I was pondering my “Word” for 2011. The last few years, instead of creating a list of things I will fail to accomplish in the upcoming year, I’ve been selecting a WORD of the year and applying it (or attempting to apply it) to multiple aspects of my life. (click here to see my previous selections)

This year, the thought that continued to roll around in my mind was that I need to “step outside my comfort zone.”

that’s not a word. that is a phrase.

So I began the process of finding a word that best embodies the concept of stepping outside my comfort zone. The first word that came to mind was “push.” The idea was that I would push myself out of my comfort zone.

But for me, the word “push” implies that I’m resisting some force. For some reason, two photos came to my mind. They were taken on my wedding day. The groomsmen were having a little fun with my LastFiance. Check it out:

In the first photo, the groomsmen were trying to push him into the chapel and he’s resisting. That’s “push” to me. Forced against my will. The free online dictionary reads: “To apply pressure against for the purpose of moving and To move (an object) by exerting force against it; thrust or shove.”

Not what I’m going for.

Looking at the second photo, the word “reach” comes to mind. LastFiance is trying to get in the chapel while the groomsmen are trying to keep him out. He’s reaching for the door, but he’s got a firm hold. Not a lot of effort there.

Again, not what I’m going for. I can reach my coffee cup from my loveseat easily. But my loveseat is still pretty comfortable.

And then I thought about yoga. Somebody recently asked me if yoga was hard. Well. It depends. It’s possible to go to a yoga class and not experience any muscle soreness the next day. It’s possible to participate in a yoga class and not need to change clothes after.

Me? Most of the time, I need to change clothes after yoga. and shower. And I almost ALWAYS feel muscle soreness the next day. The difference is directly related to how much effort I put into it. My thought has always been that if I’m taking the time to exercise, I’m going to give it 110%. I’m THERE. I’m going to make the most of the time.

When I began yoga, I wondered if it would be enough for me. After three years of strength training two to three hours a week, I wondered if yoga would challenge me enough.

That’s a big YES.

So have you figured out my 2011 Word of the Year?

push. reach. STRETCH.

Still thinking and drafting my next blog post about how I want to STRETCH in different aspects of my life, so check back.

And you are officially invited to join me in adopting your own 2011 Word of the Year. Link up in a comment to your own post or just share your word and some thoughts in the comment itself.

5 thoughts on “the evolution of my WORD.

  1. You prompted me the other day to pick a word. I wanted to pick a word the first year you did this, but I didn’t. Then last year I thought about it, and didn’t. Now this year, I did it! and that word is ACTION. I started my action already by joining two photography groups. One is a photo a week and the other is a photo a day.

    Thanks!!! Enjoy your stretch 🙂

    Kristin – The Goat

  2. I like it. Stretch is a great word for summing up many aspects of where I want to go myself in 2011. I think though I’m going to stick with “Renew”. I have lost some purposefulness this past year and want to renew how I am stretching myself towards goals and godly living. Thanks for sharing your word.

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