no such thing as too many books.

October 5th – Trying to put away all the books I bought at the WHALE of a Sale (78 paperbacks/kids books and 23 hardbacks).

It appears I need a new bookshelf. But I don’t have a place to put another one. So it appears I need a stud-finder and a drywall saw. But if I get that far, I’ll be in over my head. So then I’ll need a referral for a carpenter. This is starting to sound like a book (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). Good thing my husband is out of town.

October 7th – Still shifting books, trying to make room for the incoming. Someone told me I have a problem – called me “the book lady” using the same tone of voice usually reserved for calling someone “the cat lady.”

She’s just jealous.

October 13th – Can’t sleep, can’t decide who to read. Donald Miller. Keith Miller. Ortberg. Chambers. Jack (C.S. Lewis) . . .

There may be too many books in my house.


October 14th – I love Autumn. I know we (in Florida) don’t see the colors change but we feel the crispness in the air.

Nothing like a Friday night football game in October, or morning coffee and a good book on the back porch wrapped in my Old Navy fleece jacket. Like wearing a hug.

God is so good.

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