bible study. clarified.

I hate that I’m guilty of doing this:

“If we study [the Bible] with the assumption that we as readers use our individual contexts and experiences to shape our own meanings from the words, then Bible study will consist mainly of a series of personal reactions and opinions. The dance will be chaotic and, in the end, narcissistic.

This takes humble intention, not only to do it, but to first recognize that I haven’t:

On the other hand, if we study with the assumption that God intends to give us meaning that we can receive more or less clearly through words, then Bible study will consist of learning to “dig into” the words as carefully as possible, so that we come closer and closer to the meaning God intends us to receive. We will come closer to him, for the words come from him. That’s the point. We will grow to love the divine master director of this dance, which is as beautiful as the universe he created.”

Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word
Kathleen Buswell Nielson

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