renewable source.

My last post was a smack-down for satan.

This post is about the “renewable source of strength from an all powerful, all knowing, ever present God” I was talking about.

Lord, please use all these circumstances for your ultimate good. Please use me. Please calm my temperament. Please fill my mind and mouth with wise and gracious words. Still the anger and arrogance in my intuitive humanness. Please help me to be a witness for you. Please help me find and stand firm on that fine line between standing strong and pushing back too far.

The refuge I find in time alone with you is all I need to renew my patience. Please help me to remember that – to step away from chaos and intentionally seek the time alone with you I so desperately need.

You are my source of strength and the foundation of my freakish optimism. Without your blessings of wisdom and courage, I could do nothing. Filled with the power of your Holy Spirit, I am equipped with everything I need to stand strong against satan’s pitiful attempts to erode my faith in you.

I am nothing without you.


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