Kidnapped by a Whale

I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks because I’ve been serving as the co-chair of my church’s annual gymnasium-sized rummage sale called the WHALE of Sale. It’s been mostly 12+ hour days for two weeks and I’m on my way back to normal life, albeit covered with multiple bruises from moving furniture and hefting boxes of everything from clothing to books to VHS tapes. The official numbers aren’t in, but we tipped $25,000 this year. For most people, that’s for two weeks of work, but for my co-chair and I – and our families, and our right hand woman and her family, it’s been months. Even with all the exhaustion, ibuprofen and Epsom salts, we love it.

I’ve got some posts coming up that were inspired by my experiences the last few weeks and I’ll tell you right now, the first one is long – about 4 pages – so if you have the gumption to read it, bring a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair.

If you want to catch up on what happened in my life over the last two weeks and what my pedometer reading was every night, check out the two facebook pages I was posting on during that time (Mine and the Whale’s – both public – facebook membership not required to view, just close the “do you want to join facebook” screen that pops up).

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