a good Christian life.

Honored to have had the privilege of delivering this message to a group of women at a Brunch this past Saturday morning. This video will give you a preview of the book I'm writing. If you've got 8 minutes and 27 seconds, check it out.

I need Mr. Miyagi.

Back to yoga class this morning. I'm paying for taking the summer off. PinkGirl: "WHAT is that SMELL?" FavoriteHusband, working on my shoulder: "your mom calls it 'stinky hot' but it's really called BENGAY." PinkGirl: "it's GROSS!" A few minutes later: FavoriteSon: "Why do I smell Pepto-Bismol?" Me: "It's stinky hot." FavoriteSon: "Smells like Pepto." … Continue reading I need Mr. Miyagi.

the hard is what makes it great.

“If it was easy, everyone would do it” is one of my mantras. I say it to my kids when they struggle with ANYthing and I see discouragement or frustration start to set in. I say it to my husband, friends, clients and sometimes, even strangers. I say it to myself. A lot. When I'm … Continue reading the hard is what makes it great.

Ab workout AND entertainment.

10:33pm. Shoulder Devil: "It's late. You did the HIIT training. Skip the rest." Shoulder Angel: "There's still an hour and a half left in the day. Don't listen to him. If it wasn't for me, your body fat percentage would still be 51%" Shoulder Devil:: "hhhhhh. okay, fine. then just do the plank. Skip the … Continue reading Ab workout AND entertainment.

I. Want. More.

I've described my mother as a "defiant non-compliant diabetic." She ate what she wanted, when she wanted, blood sugar be damned. After decades of neglect, her body began to deteriorate and finally shut down completely. I found a receipt in her wallet dated just days before her death. She had driven through Burger King on … Continue reading I. Want. More.

Goal #1: tear muscles. Goal #2: Build them back up.

After spending Sunday in pain, I had to face the fact that I've been slacking on the strength training. I have arthritis in my neck and if I keep my shoulders - specifically my trapezius muscle - strong, I'm usually symptom free. But Sunday, the nerves in my shoulder were "buzzing," if that makes sense, … Continue reading Goal #1: tear muscles. Goal #2: Build them back up.

everyone needs a Shoulder Coach.

treadmill. 5% incline. 3.5mph. Shoulder Coach: "really? that's all you got?" Me: "6% incline. are you happy?" Shoulder Coach: "for now." Me: "you're gonna give me shin splints." Shoulder Coach: "your shins hurt?" Me: "no. not yet." Shoulder Coach: "Then quitcherbellyachin"

praying for a powerful turnaround on this.

Just pinned this on my pinterest.com board entitled "wrong" with the caption "There may very well be more than a million better ways to combat childhood obesity than these ads." (this photo is embedded - I did not upload it to this page) Source: 5minutesformom.com via Julie on Pinterest I became aware of the ads … Continue reading praying for a powerful turnaround on this.