my life verse?

I literally laughed out loud when I read this. How have I never seen it before? 24 At this point Festus ...
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Christmas Shoes song

Christmas shoes. seriously.

Buying some Rockports for FavoriteHusband on ebay so I had to sing: "I'm gonna buy these shoes..." (pause) Me: "It's ...
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Cinderella Mermaid

interpretations welcome.

Last night was a lazy family night. The boys were doing calculus at the kitchen table, PinkGirl was watching Disney's ...
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"inappropriate" music.

“inappropriate” music.

PinkGirl: "Mom, Is it okay to like to sing songs from Chicago?" (the musical, not the city) Me: "yes. why?" ...
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caps lock equals shouting

family book banter

PinkGirl: "Mom, did you pre-order that book for me?" Me: "no. is there some incentive for PRE-ordering? PinkGirl: "no, I'm ...
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shut the front door


I've been given some serious what-for. PinkGirl became aware that I said "dammit" in my blog the other day. multiple ...
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simplify clarify magnify

reading. thinking. cleaning. painting. purging.

When my head is a mess, I am compelled to order my environment. My husband is scared right now. happy ...
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post hoc ergo propter hoc

post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

I've been paralyzed. For a week. Four previous drafts of the post I was trying to write sit abandoned. Because ...
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Hide and Seek Champion

Hide and Seek Champion

This little guy jumped in my van yesterday afternoon. This is his second taunting appearance since then. He bolts and ...
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