speak life.

When PinkGirl and I go to Disney, we often pray and look for opportunities to "speak life" to the people God places in our path. I wish I could say "always" instead of "often" but I can't. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we are obliviously self-involved. But not today. I posted this on facebook last night: … Continue reading speak life.

“inappropriate” music.

PinkGirl: "Mom, Is it okay to like to sing songs from Chicago?" (the musical, not the city) Me: "yes. why?" PinkGirl: "Because it has inappropriate things in it. Some of my teachers (from UnnamedChristianSchool) say it's a sin to watch and listen to things that are inappropriate." Me: "hmmm. Does listening to and singing the … Continue reading “inappropriate” music.

Disney World in February. part 1.

In my opinion, the BEST time to go. Living in Central Florida, and premium annual passholders for years, we've been to Disney too many times to count. FirstHusband and FavoriteSon aren't feeling the magic so much anymore, but PinkGirl and I are still Disney Freaks. She and I spent the day at Magic Kingdom on … Continue reading Disney World in February. part 1.

a wooden leg named smith.

PinkGirl watched Mary Poppins tonight. She's been a fan for years - even BEFORE she met Miss Practically Perfect herself. She's We've watched it enough to have memorized large chunks of dialog. These days, PinkGirl is actually able to watch it without pausing the DVD for multiple costume changes. One of my favorite parts is … Continue reading a wooden leg named smith.

Our “Best Practices” for Disney in the Summer.

Walt Disney World in the summer is HOT. And I mean REALLY Hot. If you can go ANY other time of the year, do it. You will not miss the melting, the heat rash or the dehydration. And I am not exaggerating. Expect the lines to be long. And I mean REALLY long. 120 minutes … Continue reading Our “Best Practices” for Disney in the Summer.

that’s just wrong.

So FirstHusband and FavoriteSon are in Washington DC for FavoriteSon's 8th Grade Washington trip. Some of you already know I don't post about travel until it's over, but in this case, it's almost over. They are traveling home tomorrow. Anyway. I took PinkGirl to Disney's Magic Kingdom today because her dad was on a field … Continue reading that’s just wrong.

Would You Like Chocolate With That? Disney Chocolate Carousel

We haven't gone to see any of the Disney resorts this year, I'm not sure if we will, but this is always amazing. Supposedly, this ENTIRE thing is edible. The video doesn't even come CLOSE to showing the detail. It truly is an amazing work of art. If you have anything chocolaty to share, post … Continue reading Would You Like Chocolate With That? Disney Chocolate Carousel

Osborne Family Light Show

We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Light show Saturday night. These 2007 videos are good, and they give you some idea of the number of lights and the work that goes into the light "choreography" alone, but there's just NOTHING like standing in the middle of all those lights, surrounded … Continue reading Osborne Family Light Show

DisneyQuest. pros and cons.

June 2008. PinkGirl is 50. INCHES, that is. And that is a GOOD thing. It is a VERY good thing. We've been WAITING for this for a VERY long time. Thank. You. GOD!!!!! We went to DisneyQuest this weekend and for the first time EVER, PinkGirl didn't go home angry or in tears. DisneyQuest is … Continue reading DisneyQuest. pros and cons.