EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

We went to EPCOT yesterday for the 2008 Flower and Garden Festival. It was BEAUTIFUL, but, I must admit, a little disappointing. There just wasn’t as much diversity of color as in past years. We went in June of 2006 and (although I didn’t take lots of pictures), I remember it being much more elaborate. I really loved these in 2006 (made entirely out of flowers):

Mickey Stamp

Cinderella Stamp

We REALLY missed the “Hidden Mickeys” too! When we’ve gone before, there have been Mickey heads hidden in the flowers and it’s always fun to find them. (The guide book gave hints.) We were very disappointed that they didn’t do that this year.

All in all, we had a very nice family day. Check out these PHOTOS from yesterday’s visit!

Want an EPCOT “little known fact” from the Mickey Freaks? If you are leaving EPCOT after dark, look for the sparkling lights! We always walk on the RIGHT side of Spaceship Earth and the walkway is covered with squares that light up and sparkle like stars. My daughter loves to run and jump on them as they move around. They look even better without the flash from the camera! Click on the image to see it better. (I’m not sure if they are on the left side too.)

EPCOT After Dark - To The Right of Spaceship Earth

One thought on “EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

  1. Wow. I guess it’s hard living right there and being able to compare from year to year, but to someone from Texas who’s only been to Epcot once, 18 years ago, those pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

    I am spoiled. In my memory, the characters were surrounded by even more flowers and much more colorful. This year the characters were mostly red and green. Kinda had a Christmasy feel about it. Also, I remember a huge display right in front of the lake and this year – nothing. I’m just still pouting about the fact that we couldn’t play the hidden mickey game. 🙁

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