7 Quick Takes: 06.01.09

Kristen emailed me to make sure I was okay and I realized I hadn't blogged in over a week! Over a week! What have I been doing? I missed 7 Quick Takes Friday last week, but it just seems like a good way to catch up on a few things . . . 1. Still … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: 06.01.09

cool word: bifurcate.

So, I'm reading Women, Faith, And Work How Ten Successful Professionals Blend Belief. Specifically, I'm reading the chapter on Goldie Rotenberg: Real-Estate Attorney. The author, in describing Goldie's life as a Hebrew Christian, mentions her involvement with "a mission devoted to evangelism among Jewish people" and how it "has helped maintain her sanity in her … Continue reading cool word: bifurcate.

an sill air ee

Why have I never used this word? ancillary The definition at http://dict.die.net adj reads: "relating to something that is added but is not essential" Encarta even has a button to click if you need to hear the proper pronunciation. (sounds like “an sill air ee” with the emphasis on the “an”) The encarta.msm.com definitions are: … Continue reading an sill air ee