cool word: bifurcate.

So, I’m reading Women, Faith, And Work How Ten Successful Professionals Blend Belief. Specifically, I’m reading the chapter on Goldie Rotenberg: Real-Estate Attorney. The author, in describing Goldie’s life as a Hebrew Christian, mentions her involvement with “a mission devoted to evangelism among Jewish people” and how it

“has helped maintain her sanity in her bifurcated world.”


Never used this word. I am compelled to look it up. I could be using this word. It could be just the word I need someday when discussing something that is bifurcated. Things could be bifurcated and I wouldn’t even know it.

“Adjective: bifurcate ‘bI-fur`keyt

1. Resembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches
“the bifurcate appendages of an arthropod”
– biramous, branched, forked, fork-like, forficate, pronged, prongy

Verb: bifurcate ‘bI-fur`keyt

1. Split or divide into two

2. Divide into two branches
“The road bifurcated”

Derived forms: bifurcated, bifurcating, bifurcates

cool word.

And the examples are great. My favorite is: “the bifurcate appendages of an arthropod”

So, let’s see. How can incorporate the use of this word in my daily life? The next time I have to describe a particular road leading to my house, I can use the example given above:

“When you turn onto McStreet, the road immediately bifurcates. Stay to the right.”

THAT will make the directions so much clearer. What else, what else? Hmmm.

“Honey, will you hang the new bird feeder up right where the branch bifurcates?”

What? He’s my husband. I can mess with him if I want to. Besides, the geek probably know what it means. He used to read the dictionary for fun, for crying out loud.

And how about:

“We all put on our bifurcated clothing one leg at a time.”


“Let’s bifurcate the work so we can finish more quickly.”

and one that sure to be understood around here:

“FavoriteSon? Bifurcate that piece of chocolate cake and share it with your sister.”

I’m open to more suggestions. Anyone?

2 thoughts on “cool word: bifurcate.

  1. I had a feeling that the word meant divided just from the context – I was giving myself a pat on the back for at least understanding it lol

    Have you seen the new bifurcated shoes? They look like hooves!

    (I spelled bifurcated wrong and my word police actually had it listed in the suggested spellings!)

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